Thursday, February 03, 2011

Name My Birds

It's the time I've been promising and you've been anxiously awaiting.  First let me whine a bit. It's cold for almost anywhere, except maybe Canada or Sweden.

It was so cold in this drafty place with furnace set to 73 it was 60 room temperature.  Saturday can't come fast enough.  D said it was 18F with wind chill of -8F when he got up this morning.  That's just crazy weather for down here.  Whine over.

As I said, the little ones are identical twins.  I think Three has a white spot on his tail and Four has a tiny bit of white on the tip of his wings.  Certainly, identical enough you have to get right up close to see who might be who.

Their blue is actually darker than that.  They look like a couple of blue jays.

The rules:

 Each person can pick two names one for each.  That will give two chances each.  Try not to pick one that was previously given.

Please don't choose Tweety.  That was the name of my first parakeet that my Grandfather and I shared.

Because D doesn't know any of you from Adam, or Adam either. He said he will be the impartial judge and choose the names from your suggestions.  He will make his decision next Wednesday night and I'll post the results on Thursday, February 10.

The winners, there should be two, will get to pick from my tote of yarn.  Perfectly great stuff stored in a Rubbermaid container with real lavender sachet.  Sorry, for no picture of it, I still have the crud from cold. I'll post a picture during the week.

Today is the New Moon and I was supposed to post my TUSAL, but will be safe doing it tomorrow.  I'll have floss in it the month.

Have fun picking and good luck.

We need real names.


Dina said...

My FAVORITE names for identical twins (not that I am partial by any stretch of the imagination, just because they are the names of my twin are Christopher and Wesley...or as they were called in utero: Jose and JosB, or Crisco and Wesson, or Christoflubber and Wesadiddy.

by Teresa said...

Tweedledee and Tweedledum? Can't we suggest LOTS of names? LOL

OK, for reals.. since you think they're both boys I guess we need boy names.

Since they're blue... Sea & Skye

There ya go.

Hugs, Teresa

melbatoast68 said...

Frik and Frak. I'll come up with another soon

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I say Romulus and Remus!

CraftyCripple said...

I've been on a crime tv jag for a while so I can't get Sherlock and Watson out of my head.

melbatoast68 said...

The one that was totally escaping me earlier was Ernie & Bert! What do you think?

Rudee said...

Azul and Blu.

I have complete empathy in respect to the cold. Good thing I didn't plan a trip to Arizona! Today showed a high of 79F in Sarasota. I hope it stays that way for next week!

Lorraine said...

Okay- are you ready?

Pete and Repeat-
(ba dum dum!)

Heather said...

Oh man, only 2 names? I have like 12!

Ok ok ok - to go with your other guys I'm suggesting: Harrison (Harry for short cause it goes so well with Herbie and Huey) and Henry. Just cause the one on the left looks like a Henry :).

Anonymous said...

Harry and Ron
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Fred and George (oh yes, that's my favourite, don't know if you're a Harry Potter fan though)
Tom and Jerry
Ben and Jerry
Charles and Edward
Beaky and Tich (or Dave Dee, Dozy or Mick)!
Have fun naming your birds....

Anonymous said...

I see I broke the rules by suggesting so many names...sorry.
I guess if I had to choose only two, then Beaky and Tich would have to be them.

nursenikkiknits said...

How about Blueberry & Smurf? A bit random but there you go...

Anonymous said...

I'll go for Itchy and Scratchy!

turtlegirl76 said...

How about Bullock & Starr? I'm a Deadwood fan and you are in a part of the country that used to be in the "Wild West" so why not? Well, Tucson is wild enough.

moderan said...

I like Azul and Smurf. Though it is possible that Smurf may become a Smurfette. We just don't know. So there's your answer:)
Google is gonna prove that I is whi I says I is.