Monday, February 21, 2011

A Small Glimmer Of Hope

Just a short update with a glimmer of good news.  Apparently with my reading to him yesterday, his heart reverted back to normal sinus rhythm.  The day said it was doing him good but didn't tell me his rate had reverted back.  The night nurse was the one that told me that the day nurse reported that to her.  I had looked up and thought they looked more normal and even but I wasn't sure if I was just seeing things.

When I first arrived yesterday evening, I was speaking the nurse next door, who had been helping his nurse all day.  She said he was doing a little better. I told her that morning I felt like they were sounding like he wouldn't make it through the day.  She said, yes, they didn't expect him to make it through the day and were trying to prepare for the worst.

I called up there the minute my eyes opened this morning.  The night nurse said, he was still doing the same over night.  His heart rate looks good and they were able to lower his blood pressure medicine just a little bit.

We're not out of the woods yet.  I'm told something funky could still happen and to be prepared.  Finally, I'm going up there and not being told yet another thing is going wrong.  Hopefully, this is turn around point for things getting better.

Miss Bootsie jumped on the back of my chair and screamed in my face when I walked in at midnight.  She's really taking this hard, him being away for so long.  Nippit is finally back to going straight to her cage when I tell her to.  She demands to be cuddled and petted for a quite awhile when she gets there.

 Bootsie helped me chorale Dammit and Betty toward their cage yesterday. Normally Dammit chases the cats, except when he's being chased by us, then he avoids the cats.   Bootsie stood in the path they would take to circle back around in the living room and they chose to just head for their room.

The birds are all doing well.  The baby bird must be, I can hear little peeps coming from box.  It really disturbed Ladybird, Saturday when I lifted the lid for a look, so I'm just leaving them be. I figure as long as I can hear it peep on occasion, the short periods I'm home, it must be doing well.

I'm going to get cleaned up and head back up to spend the day.  I read for a total of eight hours yesterday.  My throat was raw hamburger when I went to bed.  I'm prepared to do it again today.  I'll just keep reading until my vocal chords wear out or he lets them turn down the sedation and gives me the look of  "shut up already."

Thank you all for your continued support.  I'm looking forward to the day when I can get caught up on all your blogs.  I'll post again when I come home to have some dinner.


Dina said...

Still praying for you. Take care of yourself too! Drink your water!

melbatoast68 said...

So nice to hear some good news. Hope that glimmer turns into a ray!

CraftyCripple said...

I am so pleased that you are NOT getting bad news at the moment. That has to be a good sign right? I think reading to him is a great idea. It gives you something to do and hearing your voice must be comforting to him on a subconscious level.

Anonymous said...

Any good news is welcome, no matter how small. Still thinking of you both.

nursenikkiknits said...

Yay for a (small) step in the right direction. Turning down his meds is a good sign because it means his body is trying to compensate on it's own (even if it's only a little). So happy to hear a little hope in your post.

Susie said...

Slightly disturbing picture ;-), but excellent news. Still thinking of you x

Heather said...

Every day I jump on here first thing to see how you two (and critters) are doing. I am sending healing thoughts and prayers, along with mental cups of tea to soothe your throat and voice.

Anonymous said...

Hang on to that glimmer and soon it WILL be more than that. Hugs.

Cookie said...


Perhaps some tea with honey in the evening? Might help your throat a bit.


Rudee said...

You deserved a bit of good news. No further decline and a bit of stabilization is just what he needs right now.

I'm continuing to keep you in my thoughts.