Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Stitching

Last week

This week I mostly worked on my Cirque des Cercles.  I think it's because it took the most concentration without many thread color changes is why it attracted my attention.

I made pretty good progress on it since last week, I think.  Maybe this one will be finished this year.

I've been trying to get some organizing done this week.  My cross stitch WIP pile of actual started projects is a sad state of affairs.  I believe I'm SABLE just in started projects.  My goal is to finish at least one or two this year.  They are all really big pictures of course.

I don't know what I was thinking that year with all the startitis.  That's just it, I wasn't thinking.  It was as though I was trying to find the picture that would make my sciatica pain go away.  Too my defense the Dr. did have me on a ton of drugs.

Those of you who are into cross stitch might know of this blog, Our Friends' HAED SAL.  The progress pictures just amaze me.  I of course, have several HAED patterns, two of which are started, about a tenth of way.  The top four pages.  I ran across three patterns that I really wanted to start, thankfully I stopped myself.

Isn't that just adorable?

This one too.

I love the colors in this one.

This is the first HAED, I fell in love with.  I don't consider this one started as I only did a couple squares on 28 count and didn't like how it was turning it out.  Jo-Ann Fabrics that year sent me a bolt of 22 count in mistake as I ordered 28 count but I didn't throw a fit as I had ordered a bunch of HAED's that year.  Of course when I went to re-order the 28 count they discontinued at the price it was, very cheap.

This one I have the top four pages completed.  It was supposed to be for my youngest's graduation present two years ago. Oooops.  My daughter is also doing this for her father and informed me she's almost finished.  She makes me look like such a slacker.

This one I have started for D.  I think I have the first two or three pages completed.  Not sure, I haven't looked at it in awhile.

I think I maybe hopeless.

Yesterday, I stopped at Home Depot on the way to Target and bought a pack of pansies and petunias, I've been looking at for awhile.

My pathetic looking planter, missing the upstairs people's cigarette butts.  All I had was a tablespoon to dig with, so I just planted four and a blister started.  The French lady across the way noticed my plants and knocked on my door to ask me about them.  She is thrilled I finally have some plants.  She loaned me use of her gardening tools to finish.  By the time I finished and we talked for awhile, it was too late to get another picture.  This is my winter garden.  Sorry to all of you buried in snow.  This should give hopes of spring to come.  That's when I'll be sweating down here.

Today, I had to go back up for dry cat food. Don't you know they ate the whole bowl full overnight that should have lasted them til Sunday. On the way back, I had two blisters starting from my sandals. Crossing one of the side streets, a car came barreling down pretty fast, so I waited for him to go by. He stopped dead at the corner and waved me to cross. Not so odd for around here. As I'm crossing, he yells out the window, "Hey, your really beautiful." I think he may need glasses. This old lady hasn't had a guy yell to her almost a decade.

After I crossed, he calls out the other side window, "Can I give you my phone number?" He had to be in his late 20's, not the most handsome, but not ugly either.

I answered, "No, thank you. I'm married." I kinda wanted to give that boy a dollar. *chuckles*

Monday, I will have the bird naming contest. D was busy on his days off and we didn't get pictures of three and four. Tomorrow, I will make my way into the closet and dig through my yarn bins.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

I love cross stitch, but never seem to have time for it anymore. There are so many pretty patterns out there.

Carol said...

wow! those cross stitches are so intricate! no wonder they take so long.

Anonymous said...

Love the little girl sitting on the kitty's lap reading. That is so adorable.

Heather said...

Love those cross stitches, I lack the patience to follow the pattern, or to finish, basically even to start, though I have few hidden here somewhere.

Flowers! You have flowers! I love the idea of a winter garden. All I'm growing right now is snowmen.

Delusional Knitter said...

Nice stitching. Pansies are my favorite flower, but I have to wait until March/April ... cuz yeah we're buried under about 2 feet of snow right now!

by Teresa said...

We have snowdrops ready to bloom here in Oregon and it's January.. very odd. Can't wait to see good photos of the birds that need names. That's neat that you had some guy calling you beautiful!


Shanti said...

That stitching requires tons of patience!!! it's coming out great!

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely progress on your CdeC. Love those HEADS wouldn't know where to start lol.

melbatoast68 said...

Your stitching is looking good! And those HAED are just gorgeous!! As for the young man yelling out his window, just enjoy it! We all need days where someone notices how beautiful we are even if we don't!

Julie said...

CdeC looks great, you made lots of progress on that this week

I love the HAED with the ginger cat, so adorable and cute

Dina said...

Your stitching is beautiful. I gave up on cross stitch last year after many many years of tons of things done, but then I was faced with the tons of things NOT done in the box and I gave it ALL away in a fit of cleaning-up-itis. Your pansies are so pretty. Mine are currently entombed in ice :(