Saturday, January 08, 2011

Today's Tragedy

Due to today's tragic events in Tucson, there won't be a cross stitch or birdie update today.  I sat blissfully unaware of the events, dreading having to go walk for catfood until D called me on his break asking me if I heard.

I'm not a crier for the most part, but when I Googled for news of the event I broke down in tears, then nauseous at the thought of the victims.  Then I went for my walk to get some fresh air.  Came back and sat with news on.

I ask for your prayers and thoughts of the victims and family of this tragedy.  The little nine year old girl who died at the hospital.  Such a senseless, senseless tragedy.

It occurred at Oracle and Ina, less than a mile from where we lived just a year ago.  The thing is if we still lived in that area, I might have been there to meet Gabrielle Giffords and do some shopping.

Today, my oldest son turned 26.

This is a hard weekend for me anyway.  It was a Sunday, January 9 1999 that my grandmother passed away.  There are events surrounding her death that are still very upsetting to me.  As you know, if you've been reading my blog at any length, I was very close to my grandmother, and miss her very much.

In 2007, January 8, my mother had a major heart attack.  The next morning, my sister called me early in the morning to say they had taken my mom down for a quadruple by-pass.  The date was very much in the front of my mind.  They ended up postponing the surgery for the next day for several days in a row.

I'll be back with birdie update on Monday.  

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