Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Just a quick post this week.  Not too much to show.

I re-cast on my son's socks and it's working out better.  Last week the yarn was twisted around the needle funny.  Still not my favorite way of knitting socks, but it's working out so far.  Since the sock blank is knitted with two strands together, two socks at once is sort of easier.  Or I should say, it was made to be able to knit two socks at the same time.  I do love the colors.  My left shoulder has been really hurting lately.  I think I'm going to put down the knitting for a week and just stick to cross stitch, spinning and beading see if it starts to feel better.

From Knitting Kitties

I did finish spinning the three bobbins and now plying.  Not much shoulder action required to ply three strands.  The yarn is turning a bit thicker than my normal three ply, which could range from fine fingering to lace weight.  I'm getting almost a heavy fingering, which will be good for a sweater.  Still about 4 more ounces left to spin.  My plying bobbin only holds 8 ozs so I should get two good sized skeins.

From Knitting Kitties

The birds are getting to be quite a handful lately.  Herbie comes and goes out of the box at will. Last night Huey got him to sit on the low perch.  Clarice comes out by herself, but I have to put her back when I see her asleep in the corner.  Three and four are getting big and I make them come out for a short time, however they crawl all over each other and scream.

They scramble around so fast in the cage, it's hard to get a decent picture.  So, I dumped my cross stitch tote, lined it with newspaper to get some decent, or an attempt at decent pictures.

From Knitting Kitties

Herbie is getting to be quite a handsome little guy.  He's very friendly and let's D stroke his little head.

From Knitting Kitties

Shy Clarice.  She bit me hard when I picked her up.

From Knitting Kitties

Three ducked his head down just as I snapped the camera.  I think Three might be a boy.

From Knitting Kitties

I think Four might be a girl.

From Knitting Kitties

Three and Clarice trying to hide from the camera.

Myrtle is sitting on six eggs now.  D last night said I can keep the six if they hatch, if I can figure out a way to get a bigger cage.  If they hatch.  Unless they get way too noisy.  It's pretty loud here in the mornings when I take off their towel.  Huey isn't needed as much for baby duties, so he's back to his morning warbles with Mr. Bird.


Carol said...

heh. looks like classic bird thing. 'I can't see them, so thy can't see me'!

Tami Klockau said...

Sorry to hear about the shoulder. :( Your spinning looks really good. I like the natural color. Do you plan to keep it natural or dye it?

I can not believe how big the babies got so quickly! WOW!

Clara said...

I love Herbie's colors. I used to have birds but I never had more than a couple at time and then they'd be one gender. I love to hear them first thing in the a.m. and it's nice putting the cover over their cage at night. They are beautiful creatures.

autumngeisha said...

Hope your shoulder feels better after a little rest. I am having a break from knitting myself because of sore wrists. Your birds are gorgeous. That shade of blue on their feathers can only be found in nature, just beautiful!

Rudee said...

The sock yarn is beautiful! I do have to say, that's one ginormous bobbin and the yarn is beautiful and so evenly spun. Gorgeous!

Hope your shoulder feels better.

Paula said...

Spinning is such a great talent to have. I keep thinking that someday I'll take a class and learn.
My dad and his wife have birds that hatched four babies last spring. Got VERY noisy around their house for awhile. Yours are super cute!

Ames and Tash said...

The birds are getting big! Ames :)

Narwhal Love said...

Those birds are glorious! They look like every little girl's dream birds.

Good luck with the socks & shoulders. Hope you feel better.

SillyLittleLady said...

the birds are growing so fast! and they're going to be purty :D

fleegle said...

I hope your shoulder feels better soon!

And I am amazed! I never thought about parakeet eggs. Congratulations!

Glad you like my mitts--thanks for the kind words.

melbatoast68 said...

Oh, how fast the babies grow. *Sigh*
:) They are really turning out to be quite pretty! As always, your spinning looks gorgeous and yummy soft! Feel better soon!

Snazzystitch said...

Oh your babies are so cute! I'm not a big fan of birds, but those ones are adorable.

I love the color of your spinning. What kind of fiber are you using? Also love the color of those socks!


Marushka C. said...

It's good you have multiple crafts so you can rest up the shoulder without feeling like you're not getting any good creative time. I hope it feels better soon! Your birdies are getting cuter every time I see them here.

by Teresa said...

OK, your numbered birds need some cute names. When are you going to have a contest? What will we win? LOL

Love the spinning.. the sock knitting you can have. My sister insisted I knit a pair of socks and several times during the process I thought I might have to disinherit her. :-)


Shanti said...

I could never bring myself to make socks!! but I do want to learn to spin...
good luck with the plying!

Daniele said...

Love that handspun! I did two-at-a-time socks once just to see how they came out, but went back to one-at-a-time after that. It wasn't bad, just didn't turn my crank either. :D
Those babies are so cute. At least you didn't get bit by a parrot with a hookbill. My Dixie loves to leave a mark and then laugh at you. Birds.... ;)
Feel better!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the birdie bite (at least she's feisty!) and the shoulder.

rachel said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear about the shoulder. Love your spinning - I'm a huge fan of natural colored yarns, but I'm sure it'll be gorgeous if you dye it, too.