Thursday, March 31, 2011

WIP Wednesday

This is the disgusted edition.  In so much I'm so disgusted, I realized it's WIPW at 11:45pm, I'm exhuasted and disgusted.

First the knitting.  I'm halfway finished with the first sleeve.  May or may not have it finished by Friday.  Another inch and I'll do one repeat of the snowflake pattern then seed stitch border.  I don't know will have to try it on.

The sock is progressing.  Tried to get a close-up but even my camera isn't cooperating.  After four bright yellow pictures without flash I just gave up

Dammit will be making a visit to the hospital tomorrow morning.  Tons of crap going on and I'm just too disgusted and exhausted to post about it.  Will update after Dammit's visit tomorrow.  Maybe that will put the both of us in a better mood.

Things aren't going well on the new floor.  Just called up there, and he had an episode of not breathing after I left.  Nobody bothered to call me.  When I came back from going home from lunch, as I was walking up the hall, he was screaming help.  He had taken the trach mask off and was trying to pull off his trach.  He thought someone was strangling him he said.  Then I find that someone,  we don't know who after the nurse spent an hour calling around, pulled his chest tube.  Never told the nurses.  We don't which Dr. did it.  I was told this morning that the ct-scan they did yesterday, showed he still had a small pneumo (hole).

I'm beyond pissed off.  Trying to get to talk to a Dr. in the past few days is like pulling teeth. They keep sending me the DUMB resident.  Sunday night, as an example, obviously not have read the chart he comes to ask me questions.  "So, he's paralyzed since he can't walk?"  That's just one of the many assumptive and stupid questions he asked.  Everything he says, starts with "so". I'm hoping it's a language barrier and not that he's really that stupid.  I'm beginning to think whatever country he's from their village is missing their idiot.

  I have tons paperwork and red tape for the long term care insurance.  Have to apply for SSD and SSI as part of that red tape, which comes with it's own red tape.  It's part of the process I have to go through to be his caregiver, that I would have to go through even if I wasn't, to pay for the skilled nursing facility he will have to go through next.

Sorry, I'm just pissed off, frustrated, exhausted and many other negative moods.  Thank goodness for what small escape I'm getting from a spare few minutes here and there on FB.


Julie said...

{{big hugs}} and calming thoughts coming your way to ease your stressful day - no practical use at all, i'm sorry!

Hopefully, Dammits visit will turn around the negativity and give you some positivity again

take care xxx

CraftyCripple said...

I am angry on your behalf after reading your post. You are allowed to fume, that is disgusting behaviour. The only thing keeping me sane about my coming surgery is that you are in a different country. However, I know that people are stupid wherever you live and after the battles last time I had with nursing staff (as a patient) I can only sympathise more with you.

Figaro said...

I am so sorry, I have been reading your posts since before all this started. I can not believe the amount of sheer stupidity that you have had to deal with in the hospital. You would think that there would be at least some competent people that care some there. I am sending you hugs and strength to get through this, and I hope he gets better fast.

Rudee said...

This is so frustrating. I'm so sorry you're experiencing these kinds of problems. Hopefully the chest tube is still out and he's OK. He needs to move along in his rehabilitation!

Sending you big hugs! Both of you.

melbatoast68 said...

I'm so sorry that you are having a bad day! Wish there was something I could do to help. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Tami Klockau said...

Ahhh (((hug))) I hope all goes well with the paperwork and you can find the crap doctor who pulled the chest tube without anyone knowing. I'm so sorry! I hope Dammit cheers everyone up.

Dina said...

Hoping Dammit spreads some cheer. It makes me furious to think about the incompetency you have had to deal with.

by Teresa said...

Dear Denise, sheesh.. I just hate to hear what you and D are going through. I bet it upset you to no end to hear him screaming in fear. I hope Dammit's visit brings him some happiness. I also hope you get that paperwork done and all of it goes through. Sending you a ((B((E((A((R(( You ))H))U))G))

from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

Kat said...

{{HUGS}} to you. I'm angry for you too. They should be letting you know what's happening. They should have someone better than an intern coming and talking to you. Your anger and frustration are completely understood. I will continue to pray for you, your husband and his doctors. Hang on.

Delusional Knitter said...

HUGS to you. Hospitals are very frustrating, and it doesn't help when you are worried for a love one to have to deal with that stuff. Positive thoughts and well wishes for you both.

Marushka C. said...

I am so sorry to hear all this! I hope Dammit's visit was a bright spot amid all the frustration.