Monday, March 07, 2011

It's A Fine Line

The French lady across the way has been watering my plants for me.  The petunias mostly died in the hard freeze we had.  Love that deep purple of my pansies.

Actually, I had another title planned, but I forgot to bring my camera for the proper pictures.  Tomorrow.

Not much knitting accomplished yesterday.  D wanted me to just hold his hand, so that's what I did. The window in his room has a wonderful view of the mountains, but it is behind his head.  So, I turned my chair towards him and watched the sunset on the mountains.

His nurse yesterday was great.  We made a pretty good team trying to keep D comfortable, figuring out the right yes/no questions.  That's all I ask for is a nurse I can work with.  Not one that runs in and cranks up the propofol the minute he gets antsy.  When I called up at 8am this morning and found out we had her again, I did a happy dance in the middle of the living room.  Totally freaked out the cats.

My favorite receptionist was back this morning.  She asked me for an update on his progress over the weekend.  I just love her.  She makes me smile for real every morning when she is there. (some sort of miracle worker.)  Then when I said a cheerful good morning to D, he raised the corners of his mouth in attempt to smile.  Only imagine what he is thinking.  First time in nine years she's saying good morning with a smile instead of the usual grunt and frown.

During rounds the attending said, it would take 3 or 4 days for the ENT team to make an assessment, then maybe later this week or next week for the trach.  Imagine my surprise when the nurse said she got an order to hold his tube feed.  Then the chief of the ENT came to talk to me and had me sign the papers.  If they can manage it with the OR schedule they will do the trach today.  Definitely, sometime early tomorrow.

 This should make it easier for D move around, I'm told.  Which is good as he is much more alert and wanting to sit way up high in bed.  He's tall with a longer in the torso than most people.  Anything made for short people like me, makes his back hurt.  A random nurse, came in while I was trying to make him comfortable and knew just how to arrange the bed so he's sitting right up, and helped me reposition him.  I wanted to take her name down.  If only I were a billionaire and could go to the hospital and say in exchange for this rather large donation, we want these nurses.  Not that some others don't have his best interest at heart, it's just some work better with us than others.  Nothing personal.

He's making twice as much urine today.  So his kidneys are trying to regain function.  His potassium and other blood levels are still high, so they will do dialysis today.  I'm sitting here laughing at that.  What other circumstance would anyone blog about their SO's urine output.  I don't know, the thought of it, sends me into a fit of giggles.

I'm bringing both the laptop and camera with me this evening.  He wants to see pictures of the fur/feather kids.  The nurse said, I could just leave my laptop there, that it would be safe.  Yeah, it's not like I can replace it and don't want to take that big of chance.  She said patients families bring in all kinds of electronics into the rooms.  They spend night, some practically move right into the room.  Imagine that.  My back and sanity wouldn't let me do the move right in thing.

  Almost 30 years ago, I went through a similar situation with my late ex-mil and only immediate family could visit 2 at a time for 10 minutes every hour.  Otherwise, we had to sit way down the hall in the waiting room.  They wouldn't get you if something happened, you just walked in for the next visit and the shock.  I remember when fil had a cerebral hemmorage, they didn't come tell her, just popped him on life support and she was shocked when she went in for her 10 minute visit.

Making more bird videos, so I can show D.  Have some paperwork to do. Thanks for stopping by,  see you tomorrow. Still trying to catch up or keep up on you between all the busy.  Pray that his trach operation goes smoothly.


CraftyCripple said...

I'm so pleased you had good staff around you today. It makes all the difference. Things seem more positive with every blog. I wonder what D thinks about his international fame.

Susie said...

Yes, does he know he's got international wellwishers? Tell him we're looking forward to a guest blog post when he's feeling better. In his own time, obviously ;-).

Sounding v positive today, wonderful news!

Anonymous said...

It sounds wonderful that he is asking for pictures and things like that. THAT'S great progress.

Will say a special prayer tonight for his trach tube to get in easily and work well.

Carol said...

Hooray for pee!

melbatoast68 said...

I'm so glad that the "good" staff is back. It is so sweet of you to come by and visit and leave your comments. I know that you have so much on your mind right now, so I hope these little visits allow you some respite. Good mojo coming your way for D's surgery tomorrow. I hope you are able to get some good rest.

by Teresa said...

Wow, things are looking up!! It's nice to think he's getting better every day. I hope the trach goes easy. Looking forward to hearing about it tomorrow!

Hugs, Teresa

Julie said...

A lovely post, you sound so much happier, such good news of his improvement.

elephantJuice said...

Sounds like a great improvement since the last time I checked in! So glad that things are looking up.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I missed the last couple of posts, so Im just checking in. Glad to hear there is good progress!