Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Wow, who knew?  What is it week five headed into week six?  I'm exhausted, is an understatement.

I couldn't find my size 3 double pointed for several days for the sleeves.  I'm using three size three's and one size two.  It should all work out in the wash as they say.  Depending on how my time is at the hospital will figure how fast I finish.

While I was intermitently looking for my double pointed needles, I pulled out my oldest son's socks to work.  These were the ones that made my shoulder and elbow hurt.  My legs ache too much to notice if my shoulder hurts, right now.  All the bedside standing.

Plain vanilla socks, top down on two circs from a sock blank that I dyed awhile back.

Tuesday, I received a care package from Nurse Nikki.  It was right on time for a cheer up.  Tuesday sucked. The residents pulled the second chest tube as I was leaving for lunch.  When I got back the attending had to put it back in emergently. They were considering putting him back on the vent.  They are talking that he might need to have his lung stapled.  You know that rare thing that Dr. M told me last week, could happen but is rare.  Dr. R won't even say, don't worry it's rare, because at this point rare in almost a given to happen.

Butterscotch and Bootsie knew immediately there was something in there for cats.   After a bit of a slap match they decided to share.

There was also a little something for birds and bunnies.  Fleece Artist yarn that is just perfect for these socks I've been wanting to make for 3 years.  I'll use the shawl pin for my little buttonless sweaters.

You may be surprised, but I've never made a sock from the toe up or short rows.  Amazingly, under all this duress I was able to figure it out.  The way I'm going, they should be finished by the time cold weather reaches Tucson again.  They'll last forever, with as few cold days we have compared to up north.

Today, he had dialysis, a speech eval, his trach tube changed so he could use the speech valve.  He hates the valve, says it feels funny.  We had a float nurse from the lung and heart transplant unit and she was just amazing.  I loved her.  She called and arranged for PT to come when I came back from lunch, to get him in the chair and show me what exercises to do.  Speech is supposed to come by every day and work on his swallowing.

Busy days and I come home exhausted.  I haven't slept well for a few nights.  Not my fault, I do go to bed on time.  I've been waking up with awful nightmares or leg cramps.  Ever since my early teens I've had periods of sleep paralysis.  Those are the worst nightmares.  Haven't had one in a few years.  The other night I dreamt it was me alone in the ICU and they gave me the paralysis meds and no pain meds and were torturing me.  D had to work and couldn't get time off.  My mom wouldn't fly down.  So I was up there all alone.  Yuck.  The worst thing is when I have those attacks I need to sit up with the lights on for awhile or it will just happen when I fall asleep again.

All that's left to worry about is the internet/phone bill.  A couple of you have requested I e-mail you my address.  Which I will do later today.  I could live without the phone and internet sort of.  I have a cell phone but it doesn't work in the apartment.  So I would worry about the hospital trying to reach me.  I think I have enough to buy a months worth of food for the pets.  Hopefully, next month the state will start paying me to be his caregiver and he will be recuperating at home.  I know I could do it if they can get him to the point of standing to a walker with one assist.  Then I will have to figure out how to get him a recliner chair, inexpensively from one of the many used furniture places.

Keeping the faith, one day at a time every thing will work out.  He better be home by the end of April as that is my birthday.

Butterscotch says,  Thank you, Nurse Nikki for the package.  Especially, this toy.

Ps.  Excuse any typos, too tired to proof read.


Dina said...

Denise please email me your address too please. I am still sending positive thoughts your way. I think about you guys everyday. Weird how you can not have met someone but connect via commonalities over such an impersonal venue yet worry about them so. Gonna say the dreaded three words...hang in there.

CraftyCripple said...

It sounds like you are hitting a hump again. I really hope that the sleep thing sorts itself out, but I understand, when you are stressed it often shows itself in sleep problems.

Do I gather D is able to speak now, even if it is uncomfortable?

Isn't Nikki lovely to send you and the pets such nice stuff!

melbatoast68 said...

I hate to state the obvious, but the stress is getting to you. Duh! Is there something you can do that will help? Scream into your pillow-just so you don't scare the neighbors. Or if you can find a wooden board, some nails and a hammer, pound those puppies in. You'd be amazed what a little physical stress relief will do for you. Virtual shoulder is here if you need it. Lots of love and hugs coming across the net.

Tami Klockau said...

Aww, the sweater looks great. The package is amazing from Nikki! I'm excited to get your address, as I also have a little something to send your way. :)

nursenikkiknits said...

After a long week of being unwell myself, your email and pics have made my day : ) I think those socks are going to look incredible.
It must be so hard for D to begin to realize what a long road to recovery he has again. It's incredible how weak the body can become in such a short amount of time.
I'm cheering you both on everyday.

Carol said...

sending some high test mojo special delivery.....

Cole said...

I hope everything keeps moving forward for your family...

Your sweater is gorgeous!

autumngeisha said...

Sending a hug and good thoughts your way.

Julie said...

Praying that your monies are sorted real soon and you have one less worry. xxx