Thursday, March 10, 2011

And So It Goes

First of all, I have the best blog friends.  It really warmed my cold, dark heart to read all your comments last night as I headed off to bed.  Just a short update to keep it all straight in my head.

It's been a busy two days.  Every day is busy, but my schedule was thrown off.  Last night, was fairly quiet while I was up there.  A couldn't pick me up until 9:30 so when I got home, I just had a can of ravioli and went to bed.

Today, something came up and she couldn't get me until 4pm and we went to the grocery store.  On the way back, I asked if it would be possible to pick up later that night at the hospital.  That I was going to put my groceries away, grab a bite to eat and catch the bus back up.  She insisted on coming back and picking me up in an hour so I wouldn't have to take the bus.  She's been such a blessing carting me back and forth for the past three weeks.  I tried to give her some yarn, but she said only if she could buy it from me.  *heavy sigh*

His sedation has been turned off.  He's becoming very alert.  Trying to mouth words, except often I'm terrible at reading lips.  He gets frustrated, I get  exasperated.

Dialysis again today.  I made sure he was as comfortable as possible before I would let them start.  He had a pretty good run until Dr. O came in and started messing with his vent settings and that's when the dialysis machine clotted off and she had to stop.  She and I both blamed Dr. O for messing around.

Rudee, you are correct in your summary of Dr. O.  His new thing now, is because the test for the common strain of Hantavirus came back negative, he's blaming my parakeets.   Said, I have a TON of parakeets.  Compared to the lady I bought the cage from last fall, I just have a family.  The infectious control was trying to blame my parakeets in the beginning.  Ok, you super sleuths who have been reading about Hantavirus.  This is the information I found out about viruses caused from parakeets.  Also, I'm the one that cleans the cages.  He picked up a baby bird a few times to take it out of the box.  We also have a ton of pigeons around here, as the old lady on the end unit feeds the flying rats.  What's your opinions?

I'll end there.  More I could write but it's late and my nightmares are calling me.  Yes, I'm getting sleep, eight hours of nightmares a night.


CraftyCripple said...

It is so good to know that you are getting so much support from your friends. You really do find out who your friends are when calamity strikes.

I bet you can't wait for Dr O to finish his rotation. I'm sure it is him causing your nightmares. If you liked and trusted the doctor in charge you would relax just a little bit more when you aren't there.

I'm sure your lip reading will improve with practice.

I hope you get a little better rest soon.

nursenikkiknits said...

Sedation off sounds like a big step! I can imagine how frustrating it is for you both not to understand or be understood. I hope as the fog clears D might be able to manage a pen & pencil instead.

melbatoast68 said...

It sounds like he's making great progress. Here's a crazy question, can you ask that Dr. O be removed from the rotation that involves D? He seems to be causing more harm than good and you and D do have rights about his care. Just a thought. Hope you have a peaceful, progress filled weekend!

Rudee said...

Wow! That's amazing progress! In all my years of working in the unit, I NEVER got good at reading lips.

Interesting about the source of infection. Did he test positive for antibodies from the bird infection?

by Teresa said...

That is just upsetting that they're suggesting the virus came from his own environment. I agree, that you should ask Dr O to not be involved in the future with D. Hope he gets better quickly and gets out of there.

Hugs, T