Sunday, March 27, 2011

Someone Had A Special Visitor

I went on a very important, special bunny mission.

What a riot.  I took Nippit up to the ICU this morning.  No pictures of the visit as I tell him, he has more lines running than AT&T.  Nobody would want their picture taken like that.

Saturday, I mentioned to his nurse that when he got to rehab, I hoped to bring Nippit up to see him.  She said why wait, I could bring her up to the ICU and got the paperwork.  I wish I would have known sooner.

It did wonders for his mood, though he was a bit overwhelmed with emotion at first.  Nippit did very well as a therapy bunny.  She sat very still on the bed next to hand and I helped him to pet her. She cheered up all the nurses as well.  Even Dr. M came in to visit with Nippit. A great boost to the spirits all around.  I'm still laughing to myself at the thought of bringing a bunny to the ICU.

Update:  Thursday, the thoracic surgeon removed Tuesday's chest tube and put in a full size, quite painful chest tube.  They watching it over the next few days to decide if he will need the surgery.

It's taking some time for him to get used to the talking valve, it makes him feel short of breath at first.  He's doing better starting Friday when we had a patient respiratory tech work with him to figure out the problem.  He's still a bit hard to understand as he whispers and loses his voice.

This afternoon they transfered him to the floor a telemetry unit.  He's in a private room twice the size of his ICU room, with a couch.  The view sucks, it's of a building.  I told him he should feel like a rock star with that room.

Though I know that Dr. M wouldn't have transfered him unless she was absolutely sure he is stable enough, I can't help but feel a bit apprehensive.  She said, if it wasn't for the pneumo (hole) and the chest tube, he would be headed to a rehab hospital now.  After almost 45 days, the ICU was beginning to feel like home.  Now there is a whole floor and team of people for me to get used to.

I just called up to the hospital to check on him before I go to bed.  My nightly ritual.  The nurse was in his room with a cordless phone and had him talking to me.  Wow!!!!

Guess who he requested to come up to visit?  I must be a lunatic, because I'm going to try it in the next couple days, depending on how things go with the chest tube situation.

Yes, it's me Dammit headed on a bunny mission to wreak havoc on a hospital unit.

God help us all.


Rudee said...

I can't tell you how good your news feels to me. It's like music to my ears. This healing is the job that hope brought you. We all know the road ahead is long, but I think you should pause and reflect on the progress D has made. It's really remarkable.

I don't know much about Dammit, but I'd say if D is up for some spunk, then go ahead with your plan!

CraftyCripple said...

I LOVE that you were allowed to take a bunny into an ICU. It's wonderful and I am sure that it helped both patient and bunny no end. It's great news that D is being moved off the ICU. I know it is nerve wracking, but you will soon get into the new routine and new staff. I bet it was so wonderful being able to say goodnight to him yourself rather than through an intermediary.

Susie said...

I'm sitting here laughing at the thought of you taking bunnies into the ICU. Not Dammit! I hope he behaves himself! I'm so glad you're having positive news. I can't believe how positive and capable you've been through all this.

melbatoast68 said...

It is so wonderful that you were able to take Nippit to see D. I just know it did him good. Pets are such wonderful therapy! I'm sure Dammit will cause havoc of the best time. I'm so glad to hear happy news and the "pep in your voice." As always, positive vibes coming your way. Be sure to take care of yourself - get plenty of rest, water and food....Just a reminder :)

Julie said...

What a wonderful way to lift the spirits, a dr who knows whats best for the patient - brilliant.

Good news that D has moved, i hope the nurses here are kind and helpful and you form a good relationship with them, good luck taking Dammit in for a visit

love and {hugs} xxx

Wanderingcatstudio said...

That's so cool that they let you bring the bunnies! I bet the bunnies love it too!

Carol said...

Therapy bunny! Hooray!

by Teresa said...

Hi Denise, I'm glad to hear that D has been moved, that must mean he's improving. I bet he loved having his warm furry little bunny friend come sit with him. Sweet.

Hope you got my card.


Kat said...

This all so good! Animals and pets are such great therapy.

Daniele said...

That's great he's doing so well. Dammit will totally be a riot!! :D