Wednesday, March 09, 2011

WIP Wednesday

It seems so long ago, those three weeks since he went into the hospital.  I had no clue back then the roller coaster ride that would follow.  For those that are here for the knitting, I will post my sweater progress first.

A recap:  This is being knit with three ply light fingering weight that I dyed and spun.  The fiber is merino/angora/silk dyed sky blue/light turquoise,  medium blue and lavender.  The lavender parts look more pink up close.  I fractal spun the yarn, trying to go a blue opal look.

The pattern is one I'm making up myself as I go along.  The stockinette stitching is five inches from under to waistline where the ribbing portion begins.  It ends right at the start of my hips right now.  The lace section is currently six inches.  I'm thinking to make the lace section anywhere between ten and twelve inches.  Then I will make a border of one and half inches seed stitch.

I'm spinning on the BFL/silk for about ten to fifteen minutes a day for sanities sake.  Not that I have a sane cell in my body. We can pretend.

For more works in progress, click the button below.

Ok, now onto to my very slow WIP, getting D well and out of ICU.  I'm wishing for an uneventful day, soon. You can choose to read the following, not read or skim.  I'm mostly writing things to keep track of and if D wants to read it sometime after he's well.  I do tell him that my online friends are wishing him well, praying and sending positive thoughts.

Another new nurse today.  I'm sure she's probably good at what she does and today was just a very bad day.  She said she was having a bad morning when I went in.  She was very disorganized at what she was doing and rushing around.  The dialysis nurse was there all set up and waiting for the nurse to finish up. When I went to say good morning to D, she came up to give him medicine in his NG tube and sprayed me, him, the wall, and all the equipment with senna.  Sticky stuff.  I just laughed it off and said it happens to everyone at some point.

Afterward, she said she was going to be in the next room with her other patient and she would be awhile as she hadn't spent much time in there.  I really wished she would have made sure D was in a comfortable position before dialysis was started. He was crooked in the bed.  He can't move at all for 4 or 5 hours after it starts.  The cath they put in last week is starting to crap out.  The renal dr. doesn't want to put in a new one because he thinks that D will only need a couple more treatments and that his kidney's are getting better.

After about 30 minutes, D became really uncomfortable, bp going up and complained of trouble breathing.  He was making a grunting, gurgling noise in his throat.  I stood outside the other door and asked to speak to her (this morning's nurse).  She came out, I told her the situation. She said, "I'll be there in a little bit.  Actually, I haven't spent much time with this patient.  It will be a little while."  She took off down the hall.

I sat with D for another 5 or 10 minutes.  His bp, heart rate and respirations climbing.  I'm trying to sooth him. Then I went up to the desk and requested if the charge nurse was busy.  The charge nurse is the one he had as yesterday's nurse.  She was with a patient but they would send her in when she finished.  I took a quick stroll around the unit to see if I could find someone available.  The other nurses help each other all the time.  Everyone was busy in the rooms.  I sat for another 5 or 10 minutes, then he went into distress.  Alarms going off on everything.

The dialysis nurse couldn't do anything to help as she was just there to run the machine.  I pushed the call light and told her if someone came in before I came back to tell them what was going on.  Then I went back to the desk and the nurse manager was there.  She smiled and began to approach me.  I just grabbed her arm, said, I need you to come with me now.  Then explained the situation as walked back to his room.  She got the troops in action.  Went in the other room and spoke to his nurse for awhile.  Then assigned a new nurse to D whose other patient didn't require as much care.  Things were somewhat settled down.

He has a small pneumothorax on his left lung.  His required vent settings of positive pressure are making it hard for the hole to close.  They monitoring it with daily chest x-rays and trying to decrease the positive pressure of the vent.  However, the decrease in pressure is making it harder for him to breath.  He's still very critical and holding his own, the attending said.

Right after I talked to the current attending, Dr. O (Overbearing) comes in the room to tell me about the vent. I nodded yes, and said ok, fine.  He steps closer and repeats the same thing again only louder.  I think, what am I stupid, I heard you the first time, now go away.  So I nodded yes, and said ok, fine louder.  He steps closer and starts to repeat it yet again for a third time, louder still.  That's when his voice became a loud buzzing in my ears and I felt like I was going blow.  I just looked at him from under my eyebrows and put my hand half-way up in a stop motion.  He was smart enough to stop and go away.  I took a deep breath and thought of how Dammit looks at the cats to warn them just before he's ready to pounce.  I think I had a similar expression and chuckled to myself.

I'm home to do some necessary paperwork that was interrupted yesterday.  Still trying to keep all my balls in the air.  Hopefully this evening will be quieter when I head back up very shortly.

I'm going to try to read some of your blogs tonight.  Don't know how many I will get to, as I have a headache starting.  Any day now, will be that week where I can't be held responsible for what my evil self will say, if you know what I mean.  Lord them and me.

Thank you stopping by whether you read or skimmed.  Your comments are still a big help every day.

(gratuitous cute kitty photo)

Mom needs to clean this junk off my bed.  She's really slacking around here. 


turtlegirl76 said...

I don't know what is with Dr.O but he's an asshole. Keep your chin up. Things are improving.

Tami Klockau said...

Sorry for the terrible nurses today! I hope he's more comfortable now. Looking forward to tomorrow's update because I'm sure it will be better!

The sweater looks great. I had no clue you were making the pattern up as you went! That's amazing. You should be so proud!

Amii said...

Everyone has bad days sometimes, but really, that is just ridiculous that it takes alarms going off before someone pays attention to you. Thank goodness you were there! I'm so glad he is awake now and continuing to improve. Hang in there, it's still a long way to go, but you're on the upswing now.

Dina said...

Continuing to think good thoughts for you everyday. You must be beyond exhausted.

The sweater is simply brilliant. You are so very talented. I am in awe of your pattern development and spinning and dyeing.

Rudee said...

I admit, I had to leave for a moment to google fractal spinning. I've done that without knowing that's what I was doing. Go figure. I think if I could sit near you, I'd scoop up a ton of spinning expertise. With your spinning posts as incentive, I've been sitting at my wheel more often, too. After all, practice makes perfect.

I was reading about the renal issues with that particular virus D had, and read that the return of renal function heralds recovery. He will get better and he will go home. The road will be long, so it's best and safest to vent here instead of on the staff. When the doctor is annoying you, just tell him you can't absorb another thing and you'd prefer not to talk at all. You don't have to listen to his lectures. Is this the same fellow who was so insensitive? Let me guess....he's not American born and may very possibly have little respect for women.

As for the nurse? Let's just hope today was an anomaly.

Love your sweater!

Marushka C. said...

I love the sweater -- truly impressive when I think about you spinning the yarn and then designing the sweater, too. You're coping amazingly well given how difficult and scary things are -- keep the faith!

paula said...

As others have said, amazing work on the sweater, especially with everything else you've got going on. I think if I tried to do something similar, it'd have 3 sleeves... or worse. Sorry you guys have had a rough day, but glad that a rough day has a very different meaning than it did 2 weeks ago. Still praying for you guys out in CO!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Your sweater is looking beautiful. Are you going to post the pattern when you are done? It's just my style.

So sorry for the stress with D. Today. He's so lucky to have someone like you looking out for him.

melbatoast68 said...

Sorry you are having to deal with that pr@#k again. I really think a good whallup up side his hard noggin might do him wonders....hello? McFly? Are you ne there? What a jerk! And poor D! I'm so sorry he had to go through that and that you had to be there. I can only imagine how crazy that must have made you. Sending lots of good mojo your way. To make you feel better, just imagine Dr. O getting his comupance because it will eventually happen. Take care Sweetie!

autumngeisha said...

Sorry to hear about the problems with that nurse. There is no excuse for not ensuring that a patient is comfortable before undergoing a long procedure like dialysis. Hang in there! Keep up the great work on the sweater knitting.

by Teresa said...

I read every single word. Love how the sweater is looking! Wish I was as trim as you! I'm glad you're doing some spinning each day as you need some "me time". Tell D I said hi and give him a hug for me. Keep those hospital staffers on their toes! :-)

(*(*(*(*(*( Hugs )*)*)*)*)*)

-- Teresa :-)

CraftyCripple said...

The Cardigan is looking so pretty.

Just keep thinking that Dr O will be gone soon. I am pressed that you have kept your cool so long. You are doing an amazing job at fighting D's corner.