Thursday, December 30, 2010

WIP Wednesday-Last One Of 2010

I missed last week, however, I couldn't miss the last WIP wuh of 2010.  Even though I did have to force my lazy self to pull out the camera, battery dead, of course.  Sorry for the late night pics.  It wouldn't have made much difference during the day as we had NO sun.  That's right, one of those rare no sun days here.  Tomorrow they are calling for 1-4 inches of snow here in the valley.  Last time they had snow in the valley was a decade ago on Easter Sunday.  I of course have to go out in it and do our New Year's dinner shopping.  I'm expecting the locals to be in a state of hysterics if there is snow.

All weekend, I watched with the Weather Channel with envy at the storm up northeast.  They kept comparing it to the Super Storm of March 1993.  I lived in Rochester, NY and walked two miles to the store and back during that storm.  This weekends didn't even come close by looking at the pictures on TV.  It happened on my daughter's 10th birthday and she couldn't understand why her party was canceled.  I mean why would 6 feet of snow stop her friends from coming to her party.  I love me a good blizzard.  Now, I would probably need a roaring fireplace and a bottle of good brandy to get through it.

I've been just dabbling at things this week.  Still really burnt out from Hat Hell 2010.  I did work on the Christmas tree skirt, but a 2 inch square of cross stitch isn't very interesting to look at so I didn't bother taking a picture.

The thing I dislike about making presents for Christmas is there isn't time to make ornaments.  I've had so many ideas in my head that I'll have to wait til next year.  I did work on a tatted snowflake this week.  I'll make a few ornaments and put them away for next year.

From Knitting Kitties

The pattern is from a May 1986 Workbasket magazine.  I love that magazine and the old McCalls Needlecrafts.  I'm using size 30 DMC Cebelia thread.  Size 30 is my favorite size thread for tatting instead of the size 80 tatting thread.  It's so much easier to pick out knot mistakes with the the size 30.

Now for a bit of luxury that I take out every once in a awhile and savor.  My grandmother who helped raise 9 siblings during the Depression taught me how to savor luxury and make it last.  I'm the only one I know that can eat just one M&M and make a little bag last a month.

From Knitting Kitties

This is a Golding Featherweight spindle and a bit of cashmere/silk I bought at Rhinebeck two years ago.  I ran across it this week and thought maybe I should work on it before the local insects figure out where the steak house is.

From Knitting Kitties

If some of you don't hate me enough already.  Here's a comparison picture to show you how fine I'm spinning this.  The thread on the right is the size 30 from my tatting.

My spinning wheel and I have been wanting to get reacquainted. I finished half of the BFL that was started around Thanksgiving.  Hard to remember much before Hat Hell.  I had split it half lengthwise and planned to Navajo ply each half, to make hopefully two alike skeins.  Navajo plying and I don't like each other very much so that has been slow going.

From Knitting Kitties

I do need to finish it, so I can have my bobbins.  Somewhere in a box. (It seems every thing is somewhere in a box around here)  There is a McCalls Needlework magazine with a cable sweater that I've been wanting to make for years.  It call for a pound of needlepoint wool. That's it, no yardage.  I have a pound and half of undyed BFL that I plan on dying a deep violet and spinning just for this sweater.

The baby birds are doing well.  They are keeping Papa Huey very busy eating and feeding them.  The daddy parakeet feeds both the mother and the babies.  We'll take more pictures and keep you updated on their progress.

The sound of baby peeps have the other three birds all horneymonal.  Mr. Bird (the gigolo) has been at both Emily, Myrtle and ringing his bell toy.  They don't have a nesting box in that cage, so I'm hopeful that no eggs come of it.  If this keeps up I'll need to put a Paypal donation button on my sidebar to buy more cages and birdseed.  Too bad we can't neuter/spay birds.  Now I know why the lady I got the cage from on Craigslist had almost 1000 birds of four different species.  Boy, can you imagine what it sounds like at her place?

I tried for 6 hours yesterday to get the comments link to show on the main page. Intense Debate ended up giving me an intense headache, so I gave up.  If you came to the main page and want to comment, click on the title of this post and the comments will show up at the bottom of this post.  I'll e-mail Intense Debate Support in the next couple of days and see if we can find a fix.