Wednesday, December 01, 2010

WIP Wednesday - The Heat Is On

The heat is on both literally and figuratively. It seems the snowbirds stormed city hall and demanded the heating bill be paid and the town heat be turned back on.  They didn't drive all the way down here to have a cold winter. Today it is supposed to be high in the low 70's and 80 by Friday and over the weekend.  This is what I love about the desert, might have a cold day or two, then it warms right back up.  D called me when he got to work and said it's gorgeous out there and I should enjoy my walk later.  I'm going to take my camera and get a few pictures of the glorious sunshine, even though my path isn't very scenic, to me anyway.

Meanwhile, I read on a cousin's FB status they are having thunder snow back home in Rochester, NY.  Darn, I do love a good snow storm. I'm wishing I could zap myself up there and watch the fun, drive up to Wegmans, because that's what we do up there during a good storm, whether we need anything or not. Then zap myself back for the nice warm 80's weekend.

From Knitting Kitties

The heat is on to get those Christmas presents finished up and out in the mail.  I had to set my spinning wheel aside and get down to business. Only a couple pictures today. First, all I have left is to do the decreases on my Granddaughter's hat.
From Knitting Kitties

I'm a bit tired of pink, so I started on some blue.  This is yarn I dyed on Sunday for a present headed up north.  I can't say too much about it, as my oldest son spilled the beans last week that he read my blog post.  Not knowing if he reads all of them, I can't risk the chance.  Here is a sneak peak.  I will say I'm going to try double knitting for the first time as I want one side plain blue and the other side with the pattern.  Let's hope I don't confuse myself too much. I have 3 of these to make by December 17 or the 20 to mail out.

Other things have been started but enough to show.  I still have to finish my granddaughter's blanket, then 4 more gifts that aren't flying out anywhere.  Meanwhile, I just want to pull out my seasonal cross stitch projects, crochet and tat some mini snowflakes for my tree.  Boo.  I also want to knit some mini stockings to go out with gifts.  So many want to's, so little time.

Another WIP, that is going on here, that I don't have too much to do with, is my birdies.  Do you remember last month when Ladybird was upset about the flooding mess and abandoned her nest, here?  Ladybird is trying it again, on November 21 she started laying eggs again.  I read I need to watch 30 days from that date for babies.  We may have baby birds for Christmas!!  I'm not going to get my hopes up too much as I haven't had much luck on the baby bird front. But we shall see.  I do need find some information on what do with parakeets trying to be parents.  If any of you have some tips or experience please send me a message.

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elephantJuice said...

Oh yay, you're giving double knitting a try! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out :)

Carol said...

it's snowing up here. :(

Tami Klockau said...

Like you, we had a cold spell but are back to a little bit more warmth. It's supposed to be in the the low 70s for part of this week, when last week it was in the 50s. Next week, it's supposed to be cold again and rain. Go figure. LOL

The hat looks great!

Double-knitting, good luck! It's fun trying something new, isn't it?

Rose said...

Hmm, when I had parakeets it seems like I remember to increase the veggies and fruit, make sure there's plenty of calcium and keep it quiet. But I also remember that the first few clutches are often times sterile. I think you can candle them about a week in. Good luck!

We could use those hats here today, high of 22 and my fingers are still frozen from driving home sigh.

Marushka C. said...

Your projects are coming along nicely, I love the colors. I envy you the warm weather & the sunshine. Our winters aren't bad, not like they are in NY, but so wet and dreary that it starts to get me down pretty quickly. I'm glad I have pretty yarn in happy colors to play with - it helps!

autumngeisha said...

Wow, your post brought back memories! I went to college in Buffalo, so I fondly remember snowstorms in December and hanging out at Wegman's. Loved their bakery and deli!
I've never tried double knitting, so looking forward to how your project progresses.

Gabriela said...

Your granddaughter's hat looks beautiful. I like the patterning coupled with the pink.

Double-knitting still seems so super complicated to me! Looking forward to seeing your FO.

Good luck with the baby birds!

by Teresa said...

Your pink hat is going to be wonderful! I need to start on my 2nd hat, the first one fit my granddaughter perfectly! Hugs, Teresa

melbatoast68 said...

I'm so impressed. Double Knitting! Wow! I'm doing good not to screw up garter or simple stockinette. Can't wait to see the progress!

Good Luck on the baby front!

Anonymous said...

You are making great progress all around. I'm not sure I'd miss New England winters if I lived "down south" - I've heard they can be brutal!

Rachel said...

wow great work, i too am feeling the pressure of the knitted xmas projects and the sewing ones, planning and having a busy weekend of projects so hoping to feel better soon lol x

Anonymous said...

I have to say I absolutely love the pink yarn you are using for that hat. I must know what it is!! Also, I'm from Rochester too! And always miss Wegmans!