Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday Happiness

I thought you could use a happy post from me rather than the continued hat hell, grumble, grumble, wish I finished, grumble, grumble.  This is more Monday happiness than Tuesday as today hasn't started yet.  Actually, I'm writing this today and schedule posting it for tomorrow, which will be today for you and today will be yesterday. Did you understand that?  I'm terribly giddy right now, D will have to scrape me off the ceiling when he comes home tonight.


So I was sitting here, sipping my coffee, wearing my best Nippit scowl.  As you know, I'm not a morning person.  I noticed the other day, Nippit has the same brow crease between her eyes that I have.  I wonder if it's a redheaded Dutch girl thing.  I don't know, but if any redheaded Dutch girls are reading this please report if it is or not in the comments.

Anyway, I checking out my oldest son's profile to see how he's doing, when I see a comment to his status from a dear old friend I hadn't seen in 17 years.  I almost fell out of my chair.  So I clicked on her profile and sent her a friend request.  Then I poked through her pictures, because that's what we do on FB when we find someone we really know.  There was a picture of her and her husband with the quilt I had made her as a going away present on the wall,  looking as nice as the day I made it.  She accepted my request and left a wonderful message on my page.

Downtime, as you may know my not so secret guilty pleasure is watching The Talk.  Today they had family on for their heart for the holidays.  I was thinking, wow, I could be a poster child for disabled injured workers. Wish they would bring me on the show, not to give me all the stuff that family got.  I would just be happy if they helped me pay the cost of the refresher course and licensing fees to get my nursing license transferred to Arizona.  Plus, pull some strings to get a Dr. office to hire me. Not that I have a bad work record, it's just that once your an injured worker, employers see you as one of "those people".   From there I can take off on my own.

Then I went for my walk up to Target. Really wished I had taken my camera. There are a few small deciduous trees that were losing their leaves, I hadn't noticed before.  Walking through the fallen leaves with the sunshine and a record of 80F felt very much like Indian Summer back home.  There was a bit of a skip to my step as I thought what a wonderful time it is to be in the desert.  Sorry to all of you up north dealing with hellish snowstorms right now.  You'll get me back this summer when you tell about your wonderful weather and I'm complaining how HOT it is and that I think I may be on fire.

I cut through Home Depot to get out of the sun for a bit. The sun is that bright that a person will walk extra just to get out of it for a bit. I found a root stock of my favorite rose Blue Girl for $4.29.  I didn't have a spare five dollars to get it or I would have done a happy dance right there on the spot.  As it was, the cashier was looking at me funny because I was bouncing a bit like a 5 year old girl anticipating an ice cream cone.  There wasn't many left.  I do hope D says we can spare the money for it on Friday when he gets paid and they have one left.  I'm really, really hoping so.

When I got back, my day had been going pretty well, except for the hour I was trying to write that post and there was much noise and foot traffic right next to my window. Plus the upstairs was stomping around with high heels on.  Do you know what it sounds like to have someone stomp around with high heels right above your head? UGH!  It was all very distracting and I kept losing my train of thought and getting quite frustrated.

This little voice in my head said why don't you call your mother.  What you don't know is that I haven't spoken to her since the summer.  D was taking my cell with him to work so I couldn't call long distance. Then when he got home it's too late to call with the time difference.  We know I couldn't call in the morning before he left because talking to me in the morning is just ugly.  I just didn't think of it on his days off, because that's just how it is. Well, she had lost my number.


So when I sent out her birthday socks, very late, more like Thanksgiving socks, but she knows how I am. I never heard from her to say that she received them. I messaged my half-brother on FB who finally responded two days later on Thanksgiving, after they left, that they were there and gone, Mom mentioned she got the socks.  No mention that she lost my number, which she said when she talked about the socks. I bet you can imagine the thoughts that have been running through my head since Thanksgiving. I'm thinking she's angry with me about something or just glad to be rid of that child from her previous marriage.

Finished socks

It was good that I called her before I did my weekly check of the mail.  She asked if I was calling because I got her card, which I hadn't.  She explained she lost my number, but searched and found the paper with my address.  Why my number wasn't on that same paper, I won't ask. She called me back on my home number and we had a nice long talk catching up.  After we hung up, I ran to the mailbox to see if there was actual real mail in there, which is why I only check it once a week to throw out the sales flyers.  She sent this pretty card with a nice note saying that they came in while she was feeling pretty low. It came at just the right time and the colors are very pretty.  She even said how very, very thoughtful it was.  Two verys.  That just made me over the top with giddiness.  Sometimes it's meant to send out presents very late and they arrive at just the right time.

Well back to hat knitting and hopefully these will end with a happy story as well.


Queen of...Whatever said...

Hi again Denise. This is weird, but I am a nurse too, and my Mommy sounds like your Mommy....Aren't they fun. Thanks for the kind words on the Post.
BTW...Your bunny is cute

Carol said...

Hooray for nice things in the mail. I am soooooooo glad I don't live in London, On anymore. The snowplows are getting stuck! Never mind cars....

Dina said...

Sometimes things just work out the way they should.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Love the bunny in the harness! too cute!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwwww...bunny is so cute!

Clara said...

Cute bunny and socks too. Methinks your are too tough on yourself Denise! I think your Mom loves you very much. We all get those crazy thoughts then learn there were all sorts of reasons we did not hear from them and then we worried for nothing!!!

Omi S. and her dog, Bender Oak Cannon said...

That bunny is so adorable with it's little harness. I think those socks look fantastic. I'm still struggling to master socks, i've resorted to size 7 DPNS and Worsted weight malabrigo... You are amazing regarding the sock masterpieces you have created!

ted and bunny said...

hi there- just wanted to say hi and thanks for following my blog xx