Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Little Peeps

I hope everyone had a Happy Holiday or whatever it is you celebrate or not.  I had the relative quiet that I had hoped for.  Relative quiet in that there were no relatives here making noise.  There was noise here, but more on that later.

Christmas Eve we had our dinner with the next door neighbors.  They brought that really cool bottle of wine.

From Knitting Kitties

D worked Christmas Day, taking calls of everyone getting their new i-phones and couldn't connect to their wireless.  Or I should say transferring their calls on to their router company as he just deals with the internet and modem.  I mainly played Bejeweled Blitz and listening to little peeps.  My living room has been all a twitter this Christmas.

Do you remember awhile back when I said my birds had a WIP for Christmas?  Christmas Eve there was little peeps coming from the nesting box.

From Knitting Kitties

I've been very nervous since then.  When I was 5 my canaries had babies that didn't survive.  However, after doing a search and this guys baby birds survived, I'm less nervous. 

When the eggs first came, D had mentioned maybe we should give Mr. Bird and Emily a chance.  Now, that the babies are here with two more eggs waiting to hatch, he's rethought that idea.  We are about to have nine parakeets and the five can be quite loud as it is.  He named the two Clarice and Herbie.  Points if you can guess what Christmas cartoon that comes from. 

Right now they look like tiny naked turkeys.  We are anxious to see what their coloring will be when they grow their feathers in a couple weeks.  The dad is white with sky blue and bit of black.  Mom is solid white.  Who knows what colors might be back in the generations.  After all Butterscotch came from a grey tabby and  a solid black cat.

You will notice I changed the comments.  Sometimes I want to respond to comments and Blogger didn't have that nice feature that Typepad does.  Now, I have to go reply to the comments left over the weekend and catch up on my Blog reading.

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