Thursday, December 02, 2010

A Sunny Walk

This post is for Lucy of Attic 24. A short while back she posted about her trip to Spain and was amazed by the cactus almost as big as the house.  She inspired to do this post, as I see cactus taller than houses all the time. So yesterday when I took my walk to the store, I brought my camera along.  I took the pictures in stealth mode as I'm still quite unfamiliar with the culture down here and didn't want anyone coming out hollering at me for taking a picture of their yard.

From Knitting Kitties

The houses and landscape are still very unfamiliar to what I'm used to back in Western New York. The total lack of green grass makes me think of new construction houses, or the very bad ghetto where they trample any grass before it has a chance to grow.

From Knitting Kitties

From Knitting Kitties

Being able to grow citrus and prickly pear cactus in your own yard has me intrigued.  D has promised me when we buy a house, I can have citrus trees and send the fruit up north to my family.  Just the thought sending a box of oranges up to my granddaughter with a note saying, Grandma grew these just for you, makes me happy.

I'm told the prickly pear fruits make good jelly, candy, syrup and margaritas. The few I found at a store didn't look so good for me buy.  The ones growing in people's yards and growing wild get picked the very second they become ripe. Not that I would steal someone's fruit out of their yard, but it does have me wondering if others do, for when I have my very own prickly pear.

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This was very creative with rock formations.

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This house creatively put a Santa hat on a Saguaro cactus. I took this picture just in time, as I was hiding my camera back in my purse the homeowner came out to check her mail.  Saguaro is native to the Sonoran Desert only, you won't find them growing wild in any other the desert.  I'm told Tucson has a law that you have to get permission to move a Saguaro even if it's growing on your very own property.

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I took this picture using Google Earth and scribbled out their address to protect their privacy.  As you can see they are taller than the house.  Many of the Saguaro are pretty beat up and rough looking as the birds and other creatures make holes and homes in them.

46 feet above

This is the largest known Saguaro of 46 feet tall and is found in Maricopa County, Arizona.

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The car dealership along my way always has lovely flower beds to look at.

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I figured all of you covered with snow and barren trees might enjoy a bit of pretty flowers.

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All your bees are having a fine time down here.

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Back home again, I noticed the snow on the mountain tops has melted before I got a chance to get a picture.  That's ok, next month they will be wearing their white hats for a few months to come.


Teresa Kasner said...

Thanks for the walk around your neighborhood. It's fun to see other geographic cultures. I'm in a rain forest here in Oregon! :-)

Dina said...

Thanks for the tour. Cactus are so unusual. So many shapes and sizes.

Shanti said...

pretty pictures!!! It looks so hot and warm there!!! I'm freezing here!!! I liked the cactus!

Heather said...

Flowers!!!! In December!! I can see how the lack of grass seems foreign though, I'm not sure how I'd like that. Though I love the mountains in the distance, and the gorgeous cactus! And anything is better than our snow and ice.

Melissa said...

I feel I have a lot in common with cactus because we both have a prickly nature - OK. That was a really bad joke. Love the pictures and the flower beds are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What a great tour of your neighbourhood! Oh, I feel warmer already!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

The landscape is so different from mine (Ontario)! I love all the cacti though - cacti and I get a long great - they are the only plants I can seem to keep alive!