Monday, October 18, 2010

Thoroughly Quite Exhausted

I'm sitting here waiting for the rude carpet man to come back, get his fan and finish up.  I'm dreading the whole thing and wish he would hurry up and get the whole thing over with.  I'm so not in the mood for his rude tone.

He came just as I was sitting down to watch Grey's Anatomy reruns on Lifetime, on Friday.  Said it still wasn't quite dry underneath and I would have to put up with the fan for another 24 hrs.  Of course, it wasn't dry underneath as he had wadded up all the carpet padding under there.  I could shut it off at this same time on Saturday and he would be back on Monday.  I was quite surprised he said I could touch his fan. He still had his sarcastic tone of voice and body language.

I would prefer it if they just ripped all this nasty carpet and put down some nice tiles or linoleum. It would be much healthier.  I really don't understand what the big deal with wall to wall nasty anyway. It holds all kinds of dirt underneath and it's expensive to clean.  Just give me bare floors, I don't mind sweeping and mopping.

So Friday evening, the manager comes to my door and asked if he can check my kitchen sink. Di was having a flood in her kitchen on the opposite side.  My sink was half full.  He left to call the plumber. I remembered Di said it was her adoining bathroom that flooded the night before.  So I ran to mine.

From Knitting Kitties

There is Niagara Falls coming from the leaky pipe under the sink and the floor is Lake Ontario. I called him back over to come see. His boss had him call a new plumber over and he was here faster than calling the police. It was then that the manager actually went upstairs and made the people above stop running water. The lady above Di was doing dishes. I couldn't help but think if he had gone up in the beginning it would be less of mess. I used up all our bath towels mopping up the mess. He is supposed to give me quarters to wash them.

Saturday morning I get up and our Ladybird has been laying eggs for a week in the nesting box. All the upset of the previous days stressed her and she abandoned the nesting box. Emily decided to attempt murder on Ladybird it seemed. I couldn't sit for more than 2 minutes but Emily would stalk Ladybird and attack her. I would squirt her with the water bottle and a few times had to stick my hand to be bit, and separate them.

I have a little person that lives in my head and occasionally they whisper in my ear. When I ignore their warning, there is usually hell to pay and I regret not heading their advice. I've heard there are other people with a little warning person too. This time they advised Craigslist. There I found not a free cage like I hoped, but a breeder that just converted to aviaries and was selling 30 cages. After a flurry of exchanged e-mails she messaged that her husband would coming my way and would be happy to drop off a cage. It would have been quite a long bus ride to get to her.

From Knitting Kitties
There they being good for a few minutes during the flurry of e-mails. They are from left to right in the back, Ladybird, her mate Huey, and the bad, bad Emily.  In the front is Myrtle and Mr. Bird who is Emily's mate. D says he wants to get a mate for Myrtle at some point.  I spoken to Myrtle about this and she says she would rather do without the hassle.  I think Emily is jealous of Ladybird because Huey seems to know what to do and Mr. Bird prefers to take his passions to the rope toy.  To put it nicely.

The new medium size cage arrived and I gave it a good shower in the tub with some bleach cleaner, just to be safe.  I tried and tried and couldn't catch Emily or Mr. Bird.  So when I saw Di and J outside I mentioned I got the new cage.  Di had loaned me the money earlier that morning and was worried they would bring me some nasty rusty thing.  J came over and helped me get Emily and Mr. Bird in there new home.  I felt bad having to split the boys up.  They are quite the buddies usually sitting on the front perch together chattering and I picture them with each a beer having a grand time. 
From Knitting Kitties
Mr. Bird and Emily in there new home.  Emily is quite put out about me moving Mr. Birds lovey rope into their new place. Mr. Bird and Huey shout back and forth to each other. "Where are you?" "I'm here. Where are you?" "I'm here. Where are you?"  I can't wait to get the living room put back together and place them next to each other.  

I finished the shawl Saturday afternoon.  Well, I ran out of yarn that is. It's more a shawlette and I'm hoping I can steam block a bit larger.  I don't know if I can find a matching yarn down here.  I got at Michaels back in New York a year ago.  Not sure if Bernat Satin is a "no dye lot" like Simply Soft is. 

It's now 10:30 in the morning and I'm still waiting on Mr. Rude. I'm hoping it won't be as bad as I'm anticipating. I really dislike overbearing men and I seem to be a magnet for them. D says it's because I'm small that those type of men feel they can be abusive to me. I do hope he doesn't come just as my shows are coming on, but I have a feeling.....

Oh yes, a friend and long time reader e-mailed and said she couldn't comment as the pop up window wasn't working. I've switched to full page. If you are trying to comment and having problems send me an e-mail so I can see what else I can do. I really would hate to miss out on some commenting as I do enjoy hearing from you and I like to return visit when I can.


Julie said...

I hope the little feather friends will be very happy in their new home

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a series of adventures! I hope things calm down for you soon.

Marushka C. said...

You've had quite a week! I'm glad the cages became available just when you needed them. I hope the carpet & water problems are soon resolved.