Friday, October 01, 2010

FO Friday

I could've kicked myself a couple weeks ago for not posting about the finished socks in time  for Friday.  My projects don't often lend themselves to many FO posts.  So this week, while it isn't a complete FO, as long as it has taken me to get this far, I'm calling this part finished.

It still continues to be HOT here in the Oven. The weatherman said it's the second hottest September on record. Yesterday was 103F and broke the record from 1989. He's claiming that now it is October, we should be cooling down next week. I will believe it when I feel it.


After 3 years of spurts of working on this, I've finally finished the middle panel. Bright Eyes is pretty amazed I finally got it this far. The weekly WIP posts gave me the incentive to keep working on it after I finished a repeat of the pattern.


Of course, I started right away on the side panel. It's just a few rows of the blue border, not enough to waste bandwidth taking a picture of. I thought the side panels were smaller, but that isn't the case. They are 7 stitches wider with a side border. I know that doesn't sound like much, however, times that by 700+ rows. You see what I mean.


Bright Eyes thinks it's quite cozy. Yes, I see there is a couple coffee accidents on it. It shouldn't be a problem, I hope. I've never had acrylic yarn stain before. Once I have all those ends weaved in, I give it a ride in the washing machine.

Hey Mom. We bunnies want to know when we will get our time on the blog.

I know Dammit, the cats have been attention hogs, haven't they. You will get your turn soon. You can always do like the cats did and hi-jack the camera.

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Affiknitty said...

Th colors are beautiful! I like your Leyburn socks in your WIPW post too.

Heather said...

Happy Blogtoberfest!

Shanti said...

I really really love your blanket!!!! I don't have enough patience to do one like that one yet, maybe some day... and I love your colors!!! good job!

Julie said...

Super colours in the blanket

turtlegirl76 said...

That is an amazing blanket! It's going to be gorgeous!

Tami Klockau said...

I agree, it's beautiful! I love the colors. Also, very adorable kitties and bunnies! They do look a little jealous at all the attention the kitties are getting on the blog. LOL