Saturday, October 02, 2010


You know what I did last night?  I had a loss of my senses and signed up for Blogtoberfest. It's writing a blog post every day in day in October.  I've done NaBloPoMo twice.  Correction, I attempted it once, succeeded the second time.  I've been on the fence about doing it this year, but then I think I might have hit my head or something and last minute sign up for this October thing which has 1 more day than November.

Anyhow, there are things I learned from previous times:

1. Post as soon as it's convenient to post.  Don't wait til 11:45pm to think up a post for that day.  You'll be tired and more likely to throw in the towel.  (That's if your a day person.)

2.  Write extra posts when you can and just don't publish them.  Save them for the days when 11:45 pm is the first available time you can get to the computer, or those days when your sick and just can't come up with anything coherent to save your life.

From Knitting Kitties
It's unanimous by the girls that the blanket will cozy for catnaps.

Well, I'm to off to watch the British shows on our local PBS and work some more on the afghan.  I really like Susan Hampshire hair style.  I wonder if a hairdresser would cut my hair like that if I brought my laptop with me and I showed them the picture.  I would and not could because it's a rare day that I have ever had a hairdresser cut my hair the way I want it and not what they want to do instead.

From Knitting Kitties


Andrea said...

I just joined Blogtoberfest too (well, on Thursday that is) but you're right. I'm trying to plan some posts ahead so I'm not scrambling when it's been one of "those" days. I hope I haven't overwhelmed myself. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Love the cats!
Finding a good hair dresser is tricky. I think that's why I rarely get my hair done.
Good luck with blogtoberfest!

Julie said...

Good Luck with the blogtoberfest.