Wednesday, October 27, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Due to various upsets, I wasn't able to finish my footies as fast as I normally would.  One foot is finished, except for the kitchener stitch.  I like to wait until both feet are finished then do the kitchener stitch as I always have to look it up.  My brain simply refuses to store that bit of information in long term memory.

From Knitting Kitties

They may or may not be finished by Friday.  I have a birthday present to whip up.  D aka Mr. Kitties' birthday is on Friday.  We don't have anything really special planned.  We are both born at the end of the month, so we are used to being at the end of money on our birthday.  Mine was 6 months ago.

Two years ago, D mentioned he would like some warm slippers.  Since he didn't wear the socks I knit for him.  He said they made his feet too hot.  So, I dyed the wool but never got around to spinning it.  So last year when we moved down here, I asked if he still wanted the wool slippers.  What are you nuts??? I then proceeded to spin it my usual 3 ply fingering.

From Knitting Kitties

Two nights ago when we were headed next door to play Scrabble he mentioned the wish for warm slippers to wear.  It's a bit chilly at night now sitting in Di's dining room that is lacking walls (her patio.) Yesterday, I pulled out the purple yarn and cabled plyed it to about a sport weight.  It is presently drying on the fence.  One of the good things about the desert is that it doesn't take things very long to air dry.

I found Cookie's blog recently and have been reading about her freakishly fine spinning.  I haven't spun for a couple months and after yesterday's plying session I decided to look at what was left of the spinning stash for something to spin.  I found this BFL I had dyed in shades of turquoise, royal blue and navy.  Attempting a Kauni coloring scheme, only softer yarn.   I separated into three sections and it should end up with long sections of color.  Unlike Cookie, I've been spinning and saving my sock yarn scraps for a technicolor sweater. Compared with the way many of the people dress down here, it will be quite stylish. It will not have paisley with plaid, no, no.

From Knitting Kitties

As soon as the yarn is dry, I will set the wheel aside and adapt these Fuzzy Feet, to the yarn and needles I have. Better pictures of the yarn and hopefully a FO or two on Friday, my needles will be working fast and furiously until then. For more WIP Wednesday posts you can go to Tami's Amis blog, she has a Mr. Linky.


Tami Klockau said...

Love the dyed yarn! Can't wait to see it all ready to go and into slippers! The fiber is beautiful too. The different shades of blue go so well together!

paula said...

Wow! Beautiful blues on the socks and the roving. They make me want to learn to dye yarn!

Affiknitty said...

The footies are really cute. I know what you mean about kitchener, I have to have the instructions in front of me even thought I've done it a bunch of times! I love the blue fiber. Looking forward to seeing the slippers!

melbatoast68 said...

I'm so impressed that you spin! This is something that I want to learn how to do. I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get the knitting down pat first. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Dina said...

I, too, suffer from Kitchener Block. the colors are beautiful.

fleegle said...

Love the purple! But I can see why you like my blue roving :)

Anonymous said...

Silly men. Always changing their mind. :mock eyeroll:
I hope your spinning goes well.