Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WIP Wednesday

It's that time of the week again.  I noticed the cats were playing with the camera while I busy looking for something.  I haven't found it yet.  There is a pattern I want from an old Workbasket.  I knew where it was in Rochester, I just can't remember where it is packed.  That is I hope it got packed in the boxes I have down here.

From Knitting Kitties

Could you disturb this? Yeah, I couldn't either. However, when the need for a comfortable place to sit became greater than my want to avoid disturbing him, I gave him a gentle pet and he jumped right in the air like I pounced him. Poor thing. He's currently sharing with me.

Miss Bootsie wanted to introduce this week's WIP.

From Knitting Kitties
Pink is my color, don't you agree?

She has high hopes. Where is the afghan? I'm still hooking away on it. I thought everyone might be sick of looking at what seems to be the same picture.

Yesterday, we needed to go to Wal-Mart for the bunnies Timothy pebbles. When D asked me if I needed any knitting stuff, I said I wanted to look at yarn. I found the blog attic24 last month and I've been wanting to make a granny square afghan ever since. I started out crocheting granny square many years ago. It's comfort crafting, like grilled cheese is comfort food.

From Knitting Kitties

I love the new wrappers on the Simply Soft. I just picked out these two skeins, though they had some peach I really liked too. There is always another time. D never bugs me about how much I have started and I don't try to push it when he suggests I could get some yarn. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with squares. My granddaughter loves pink, or she did when I was babysitting while my daughter was in a training program. I was thinking maybe a pillow or a small afghan for her for Christmas.

From Knitting Kitties

Speaking of Christmas, I reading someone's blog last night and the had a Christmas countdown ticker that said 87 days until Christmas. I think I threw up a little at the thought. Unless, I get a job between now and Thanksgiving I will have to break my rule and make presents this year.

It's a good thing my neighbor Di pointed out to me she reads my blog via Facebook.  I totally forgot I had linked up on Networked Blogs.  *waves* Hi Di and J.  This means possible my sons and daughter might read about what I'm making them.  Just possible, highly doubtful they pay attention, but one never knows for sure.  This means I won't posting about your present either, Di.

From Knitting Kitties
From Knitting Kitties

This may or may not be Christmas socks.  Back when I was dying yarn and selling on etsy, I made a few of these sock blanks.  Someone had asked me what they would look like knitted and I hadn't made a sample.  I still have them and this one of the dyed ones.  I've been toying with idea of selling some of my extra stuff I know I won't use on Artfire, for a while now.  I really need to get things more organized before I do that.

These are knit on size 1 dpns with a stitch count of 92, knit from the top down.  They will be plain vanilla knee highs with calf stitch decreases.  The nice thing about these sock blanks if you like to knit two at time is that it is double ply.  I don't like the whole 2 socks on circulars knitting so I'm winding the second strand into a center pull ball, so they will be a matching pair when finished.

I should somewhat of an FO to post for Friday.  It will be a technicality but FO's happen so rare here, I'll take it where I can.  Speaking of rare, I could sure use some rare cool weather.  We tied the record of last year with 101F today and we're supposed to tie it again tomorrow.  I read So. Cal has had record heat of 110+F but LA is supposed to cool down to 88F tomorrow.  The weather man says we should cool down to the low 90's sometime next week.  *weak* Yeah.  I believe it when I feel it.  I sure would like to kick about 10 or 20 degrees off the thermometer.

For WIP posts go over to Tami's blog, she is hosting this.  The list keeps growing every week.  I finally remembered to post the link back.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

I've been wanting to make a granny square afghan for a while now - for the same "comfort" reason. I guess I better learn to crochet!

Anonymous said...

Very nice, I love the colors that you are using for your Granny Square blanket.

Julie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting

Love your pinky yarn for the granny squares.

What a great name for your blog, i'm a kitty lover too

Dina said...

I love the granny squares. But then again, I am gonna love just about anything pink. You are right about the "comfort crafts". They just feel good to do. Love your kitties btw...from one feline fanatic to another

Tami Klockau said...

LOOVEE the granny squares and Attic24! Pink is one of my favorite colors. :)

Oh man, that's not a lot of time until Christmas! I better work faster!

Yes, it is crazy hot in So Cal this week...and now in San Diego it's chilly and pouring rain!

Alea said...

Isn't Attic24 the best! I just adore her!

Vinita said...

The pinks are very pretty, all of them :-). These days even I'm drawn to the pinks - I was going through my wardrobe and I realized I have at least 8 functional tops that are in different shades of pink. And Granny squares! I am so tempted to make squares myself... but but but ... I've got to finish my other projects first!

tara said...

wow!!!your thread seems so soft!!! Colors are so tender....beautiful!

Laura Jane said...

Love the granny squares, and love lucy too! yipee! Have you tried her summer garden granny square pattern? it makes a really cute circle in the centre. Thanks for commenting on my quip, if i could copyright the word then i would... Buts its already a word, so ho-hum!

My swapee doesnt have a blog... I looked for more inspiration, and her projects and about me section is very limited on rav too. Heres hoping she likes the squares eh? Why dont you join us? The group is Granny Square Swap ii. Or you can find it from my profile, laurajane89. ♥

shandy said...

You have great colour-sense. this will look lovely. I read Attic 24 and rushed out to buy twenty balls of acrylic in random colours. But I can't see this in my home somehow.