Monday, September 13, 2010

Long Over Due

It's been long over due that I should have posted here. We've moved as of February 1st to a cheaper apartment in a different section of town. I've been in a funk after that move. The kind of funk that makes me want to evade life. I have to tell you, Facebook games are dangerous when one is in that frame of mind. Click, click, click. I wish I had a penny for all my click, click, clicks. I would be a rich woman.

D finally found a decent job, the beginning of June, right at the eleventh hour. Just before things were about to turn very ugly yet again. Not that things had been ugly enough at that point. We had to deal with some batshit, crazy neighbors for awhile. They're gone now, the manager finally sent them on their way. So, I won't dwell on that part anymore than I have to. Besides, I could write a novel on our experience, the kind of weird sitcom type.

This complex reminds me of those 60's type motels. D says they're more from the 30's period. It's not a converted motel, the individual are too large to have been that. I took a picture of my handspun yarn on the pool fence to show what it looks like.


That's all yarn I spun over the winter, when I wasn't on Facebook, I hypnotized myself with my spinning wheel. It's not that bad, draft, draft. It's not that bad, peddle, peddle. Anyhow, I stood on my patio to take that shot of the pool and the apartments across the way. My side looks similar, only with nice sized patio areas. I'm looking forward to getting plants out there once the weather starts to cool down a bit more.

Speaking of weather, I made it through the hot summer days easier than I thought I would. Central air helps a bunch. I can't imagine living without it down here. It's hard to believe in just a month and half, we'll have been down here a year. I have to admit, I'm getting wee bit homesick as it heads in what my mind knows should be the fall season. I say should be because we are still getting days with temps in the high 90's.

I miss the cooler fall days that cause the leaves to change color. Going to the farmer's markets and the fall harvest of apples and pumpkins. Making soups, and stews and baking pies. But with comes damp, cold weather that my muscles and bones just doesn't like.


Any way, I'm doing much better down here, so I'll have to search out those crafty blogs with pictures of the seasons I miss. This winter I can post pictures of my sunshine, cactus and flowers. I'm forcing my self to go out for a daily walk in the evening when I don't have errands to run. My fibro is still having it's flares but not nearly as bad it was. I'll try to remember to take the camera with me for my walk tomorrow.


One day at a time, things will get better. If they don't get better, I can usually count on them being interesting.


Carol said...

Oy. You've had a tough go of it haven't you? Hopefully everything has turned a corner and you can move forward now.

Fickle Cattle said...

I hope things get better for you too. Moving forward should be a good thing.

Fickle Cattle

Anonymous said...

Hello semi-stranger! People were asking after you on Plurk a couple of weeks ago. It was nice to see you on Ravelry creating mischief with the best of us!