Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Wish Bunnies Could High Five

I know I'm a day late and a dollar short from posting Friday FO.  It's one of the many stories of my life.   Truth is I did finish knitting the foot on Thursday morning, but then I procrastinated kitchenering the toes.  I'm the queen of procrastination, and I dislike kitchener stitch.  Though, not as bad as I hate sewing on buttons.

Anyway, it was Friday and D's day off, which meant neighbor barbecue and game night. We all pile into the next door neighbor's truck, we'll call her Di and her current bf we'll call him J.  We head up to Fry's grocery and get ingredients for the nights meal, and we do a bit of shopping for the week, that would be a pain for me to bring home on the bus.  The guys do the cooking, while Di and I hang out.  After dinner we break out the Scrabble board.  It's like those neighbor parties our parents threw back in the 70's.

Finished socks

So, I finished the socks this morning. The yarn is Pagewood Farms, Denali in colorway New Horizon. I used a version of Leyburn, from the top down, cast on of 68 stitches. As I stated in the previous post, because the stitch pattern was not conducive to decreasing stitches, I got the leg decrease by using a smaller needle every 4 inches. I used this method in past with lace patterns in knee high socks when I couldn't or didn't want to figure out pattern decreases.

Bargello Beauty

Here's an afghan I've had in progress for several years. So many in fact, I can't remember what year it was. I do know it was the year Simply Soft came out with their Brites. It's Bargello Beauty(Rav link) from Herrshner's Blue-Ribbon Afghans.  I pull it out every fall, convinced this will be the year I finish it, do a couple repeats and oooh, what's that shiny over there. Actually, the reason I haven't worked on it more is because it was such a pain in the butt to pull the big plastic bags of yarn out of the closet.  Then because we have cats, I would have to shove it all back in.  With the big move last year, I transfered it all into a Rubbermaid Tote, which I keep on the top of a stack of totes.  Now, the problem is having to clear off all the bits and bobs that accumulate on any flat surface.  When I do finished with all the afghan stitch and single crochet border, the problem will then be this:


How long will it take me to weave in all those ends?

Ok, but why do you want to high five bunnies? Well, last I left you, Mr. Butterscotch was having our eternal daily war over my chair.  Thursday, during Nippit's turn out of her cage, she laid down a several feet in front of my chair for a bit of a gaze.  That's what wild bunnies do out in a field.  They sit or lay several feet or yards away in view of one another.  Each has their post to warn the others if danger approaches.  That's why house bunnies will flop in front of the tv, so you can gaze with them.


So, Nippit is gazing and Butterscotch is on the floor several feet away from Nippit having a nap.  I got up to answer the door, and when I turned back around Nippit and Butterscotch are sitting up in full attention.  As I head back to my chair, Butterscotch starts his race. He trots out a head, then stops to wait for me to catch, leading me to believe I might make it first.  He trots a head again, then hesitates one foot from my chair then just as I catch up, he jumps for the chair.

This must have annoyed Miss Nip.  When Butterscotch got to my chair and started to jump, Miss Nip dashes in front between him and the chair and grunts at him to back off.  He looks a bit startled then backs away.  I totally wanted to high five her paw, but she dashed under the futon. Her job was complete. The bunneh's totally rule in this house and beware to the cat that doesn't listen.


Liz of Wool Boutique said...

Oooh, lovely afghan. The pattern's been added to my extensive list of ravelry faves :D

Silentgrl44 said...

I'm so glad to see that your Layburn socks turn out beautiful! I had such issues with mine! Bunnies are so adorable!

Hege said...

Great socks! And the afghan is beautiful! Hope you'll finish it soon ;)

Spundun said...

I do love those socks and the afghan - beautiful work.

(high five to your bunny from me!)

Carol said...

Bunny was messing with your head! elvis likes to play 'catch the kitty'.sh runs ahead of you and then stops bout 5 feet away to oo at you. you follow, arms outstretched (sort of like frankenstein) and say 'catch the kitty' then she runs a further 5 feet. rinse and repeat

Anonymous said...

Wow, that afghan is mind-blowing! I don't envy you for having to weave in all those ends though, I shudder just thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Well done that bunny!

Loving the afghan!

Jasmine said...

Beautiful socks! Love the afghan, good luck sowing the ends in, eek worst part of something like that!

dutch sisters said...

Wow, I love the afghan! The colors are amazing!

Shanti said...

Wow!!! that afghan is impresive and lovely! but no wonder why it have been in process for a long time... but you have made a great and gorgeous work!! keep going!!!
If you want to skip the weaving part at the end... make sure all your loose ends have a knot on them, and you can line the afghan with a matching fabric to hide them all!!! LOL...
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Rett said...

Your afghan is an amazing project! Will be well worth it in the end, no matter how long it takes :)