Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ripping Out

That's what I'll be doing today.  I worked diligently Sunday and Monday on my afghan. I completed one full repeat by last night, then I noticed I missed a loop 6 rows back.  It was midnight, so I just shoved it back in the tote and went to bed.  I was working on the afghan to avoid a worse ripping project.


This is bottom of a dress I'm knitting for my Granddaughter. I spun the yarn 2 years ago, in this post. It's done in 2 8oz bumps, except I ordered them a couple weeks apart. They looked alike and I really think I started the second ball at the wrong end. I'm going to rip out the last bit and rewind the ball, because silly me, I didn't wind it as a center pull. Hopefully, the other end will match up better. Worse case scenario, I will have to rip the whole thing and rotate balls every few rows, which I should have done in the first place. Oh well, I suppose it's a good thing I'm process crafter and not a very productive one.

I have been enjoying visiting other blogs and looking at all the wonderful fall pictures. I do so miss the fall season. Except with cold, damp weather comes pain, I have to keep reminding myself that. Since moving down here,  I've been able to ween myself off all the narcotic pain killers that my chronic pain Dr. had me on back on NY. It's hard to believe in just a little over a month, I will have been here a year. I have more pretty good days than kinda bad days now. My kinda bad days are like my kinda good days back in NY, which were few and far between.


These are the mountains I view when I walk out the gate and onto the street in front of my complex. Tucson is in a basin with mountains surrounding all around it. I'm used to the mountains in Upstate New York. When I first visited here, all I could think of was how the mountains looked like huge construction piles.


Some of the foliage I see when I take my walk up the bus stop.


Last nights sunset.


This morning's sky. It's pretty cloudy today. While today is supposed to be the first day of autumn, it was 92F by 10:30 am with 40% humidity which is quite high. The humidity is usually around 17%. There is a 40% percent chance of rain. We haven't had rain for a couple weeks, so I hope it does. I love the smell of rain in the desert, it has an ozone smell. I guess unless you've been to the desert you wouldn't understand the smell. I wish I could bottle it and sell it. This past summer's monsoon season has been really unimpressive.

It's now early afternoon. I'm off to see what trouble I can get into today. Thank you for coming and sharing a bit of my world. See you tomorrow for WIP Wednesday.

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Laura Jane said...

Sunset looks amazing Denise! I was in Arizona at the end of July, hot hot! And in reply to your comment on my blog, I too wonder what people would do without crafts and hobbies! I can't remember a time when I didn't have my hands busy with some sort of fiber...