Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hunkering Down and Random Thoughts

I tried to hunker down and get things caught up. Though, it didn't really work out for me. There were a few reasons for this. First of all, I've been having really bad pain days since the weekend. Actually, it's been longer than that. It always seems to be something, my migraines, my tooth, that I still need to decide which dental care I want to use, and my constant back, pelvic and leg pain. This is sort of about chronic suffers, so if you're not interested just scroll down to the pretty pictures.

I have trouble getting organized and staying on track. Most chronic pain sufferers, have this complaint. It's really hard to organize my thoughts when I'm trying to ignore aches and pains. Which might be able to tell by this post.

While, I know there are hypochondriacs, most chronic pain sufferers don't like to talk about the fact they don't feel good. If other people, friends and family think they are sick of hearing about it, imagine for a minute how tired the suffer feels about it. Unfortunately, most pain can't really be seen and many are good at covering it up. I really wish there was a patch that shows how bad the pain is. Others can just look and see, and say, "Wow, your patch is bright, dark red. How are you handling that?" Similar, to the monitor they put on a woman when she is in labor that shows how strong the contractions are.

Finally, there was a chiropractor I saw while I was living in Tucson for a short time. For the most part, he was a quack. But he did say something really intelligent, maybe he was quoting another doctor. It's not how severe the pain is but duration of the pain that is really wearing on a person.

I know there a few other sufferers who do needle crafts out there that read my blog, as I've gotten e-mails from them. It's really nice to connect and know there is someone out there that understands.

Though I stayed off the computer, I hardly accomplished a thing I wanted to. The last three skeins of SW Merino sock yarn are in the oven, setting the dye. I had wanted to get these 7 skeins re-skeined to list on etsy, but no such luck. Try again tomorrow.


Here is the spindle with Layla plied. It's most of the 8oz. I didn't weigh out the three batches of fiber I split, and I had a bunch leftover on two of the spindles. Normally, I splice them together, wind on one spindle then Navajo ply but I didn't feel like it this time. So, I'm winding the leftover onto TP rolls. How happy I was when I went to CMF to order more dye and found their SW Merino and BFL on sale.


I was really happy with their fast shipping. Ordered Friday night and it arrived yesterday. SW merino Layla and San Francisco and another bunch of BFL Avalon.


I really loved spinning the Avalon and had planned to order more eventually. When I got the sleeves on my sweater, the yarn has gradated lighter than the top. It really stands out. So, when I saw the sale I bought more and crossing my fingers it works out, otherwise I will have to rip and alternate between the two batches.


I have two pattern repeats finished on Kauni Sweater. It has to be the rich color that's keeping my attention. The fabric feels similar to burlap and I really hope it softens when I wash and use a good hair conditioner.


Dammit says, "Yes, we know she's nuts."



fleegle said...

All of it is lovely, but the color of the Kauni sweater is especially mouthwatering.

I don't think you have to worry about spiders in your stash unless you have Japanese Giant Spiders in your house :)

Daniele said...

I can relate to the chronic pain for sure. Hang in there sweetie! I've been doing pretty good for about a month now. I can almost forget.... almost!

Love all the fibery goodness. The colors are all gorgeous. Great projects!