Monday, November 10, 2008


Late last night my internet connection went intermittent then very slow, then poof. So, I shut down and told it to think about it for awhile, thinking that this morning everything would working fine. I've had very slow connection all day, memories of my 28K phone connection in 1999.

It's going back in and out this evening, so I can't upload the pictures and videos I had taken to show you. No listing of the 9 skeins of SW Merino sock yarn I dyed and reskeined for my etsy shop.

Dammit has been especially bad the past couple nights. He probably had plans on surfing the Zeppelin message boards. I put one his Zeppelin DVD's on and now he's munching on the new treat I bought him, instead of the carpet and climbing up the bookcase for tasty nibbles of my craft mags.

So, I'll send you to couple really great blogs I found this week. First is, Back Porch Musings, I found on Blogger's Blogs of Note. The pictures are just wonderful. I just want to grab my knitting and climb into one.

The other is this week's NaNoBloPoMo's Blog of the Week. This is her first time with NaNoBloPoMo, and she was quite surprised when I left a congratulations on her blog. If you love to cook, bake, or just look a good food pictures give Ezra Pound Cake a visit. Warning, I had to put on a bib and force restraint from licking my screen.

Of course, Dammit was just bouncing around like a madman to Black Dog while I was typing. When I picked up the camera to get a quick video, he stopped mid leap and stared at me dumbly. Not my day I tell you.

I have tomorrow off from the babysitting duties, hopefully my connection is working properly. If not I'll call to complain. Here's hoping I can keep connected long enough to post, and maybe Dammit will be inspired again long enough for me to get a shot at him. With the camera, of course.


yarnpiggy said...

Ezra Pound Cake is great, isn't it? I'll have to check out Back Porch Musings...I love finding new blogs. Thanks for passing them along!

Daniele said...

"9 skeins of SW Merino sock yarn"? If you want, I'll call and complain... :)