Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Plodding Along

That title thing, thinking up a good one, I'm not so good at. I think I was doing pretty well there for awhile, but the daily posting is getting a bit of burn out. Not even at the halfway point of NaNoBloPoMo, but I will persist. I just hope I don't bore you readers in the process.

I really need accomplish a goal right now. So that is why I signed up, to challenge myself and reward of the satisfaction that I persevered. That is the reason for the title, it's how I'm feeling today is just plodding along. It's kinda like the way little Lexie hops.

My connection is getting better slowly. I was going to call complain today, but then remembered all the schools are off today. So, I figured they would use the increased use as a reason. Fingers crossed that they were just doing work nearby and it will continue to improve.

As a reward for doing such a good job at posting for me, Bootsie received a container of her favorite sparkle balls. She wanted me to tell all of those who commented, "Thank you."

As you can, the clan had to come for inspection of Bootsie's booty. Not their favorite toys, she was left to have her fun of destruction.


Dammit has been really, really bad with the carpet lately. He loved Trisquits as a treat, then tired of them and moved on to Wheat Thins, now he's pretty much tired of them. Why, oh, why won't he tire of snacking on nylon? So, I bought him some tiny bunny corn cobs. The fascination lasted as long as the video. Sigh.

Led Zeppelin fan? Yes or No. I believe some are skeptical. He was so bad last, switching from the carpet, get sprayed, climb the bookcase, chew my magazines, get sprayed, rinse and rapidly repeat many times. So much so, I was to just throw the spray bottle at him. Instead, I put in his Zeppelin DVD and he ran over to his area by the door. Did a leaping and binky dance to Black Dog until my hand touched the camera. He flopped down mid-leap and quietly lied there listening to the music the rest of the night.

I'm up to the second fair isle stripe on the "not Christmas knitting" sweater. The pattern called to change to color 1 immediately after the lace. I felt it would be too much of a stark contrast and continued on with the pink. Just as the second color started right after the first three repeats, my happiness is that the pink did started right at the finish of the second repeats.

The colors are a bit subdued than shown in the photo. I think it's starting to look like something that could be found in a boutique.


This is Bright Eyes, and Mommy's baby. Duane says she is me if I were a cat and visa versa. Just like me she has a hard time keeping her eyes open for pictures. I'm feeling high anxiety tonight, because she woke up from her nap hobbling, not putting weight on her right hind foot. I picked her up and attempted to check out, but she whipped around with her left front and almost tore my face off.


Later, I was able to pick her up in a towel, but Duane took her from pointed with feet pointing away from the light. Yeah, that's ok, I can just use my laser beam eyes. So when he turned her around, she wriggled partially free, scratched him good, and made her escape. She's now hiding under the dresser. Hopefully, we will be able to try again tomorrow. I'm hoping it's just a splinter, and a good amount of salve will help work it out. I'm hoping.


Daniele said...

Love the kitties! Mine used to love the sparkly balls too. Now they are all geriatric and have no interest except for sleeping (and hurling hairballs of course). ;)

The sweater is coming along really nice. Beautiful colors. :)

Carol said...

Kittie could just have a prained ankle,knee or hip. Give it 2-3 days and if it isn't better, then look at it....trim kitty's front toenails in the next day or 2. as a preventive measure...