Saturday, November 08, 2008

What I Haven't Tried

I've knitted for around 33 years, before the internet it was easy to think I've tried everything there is in knitting. I'm not really one for trying something new for the sake of trying it and I've never had an interest in entralac until I saw this set at Rhinebeck. I think I'm going to have to give it a try sometime soon with handpainted yarn.


I haven't yet made anything that required steeking. It's not that I'm intimidated by it, I just haven't gotten around to it. I have Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified book by Philosopher's Wool and really want to knit Southwest for awhile. Hopefully, soon.

I have not tried socks two up, magic loop or i-cord. They just really haven't yet interested me. That's all I can think of that I haven't tried in knitting, I'm certain if I really search I can find more. What are some things you haven't tried and why?

There are four lace repeats finished on the burlap sack Kauni Sweater for mom. I was pleasantly surprised how the yarn changed to the second color just as started the fourth repeat. I really hope it continues to work out as such. No sense in taking another picture for two more inches of knitting. That will probably be like watching grass grow.


yarnpiggy said...

I think it would be quicker to list what I have tried, LOL! I suppose I can cut myself a bit of slack, since I haven't been knitting all that long (2 1/2 years).

But a few things I've yet to try:

- steeking (unlike you, I find it incredibly intimidating
- socks (any which way -- well, I have started a pair on one long circular, but I stopped so quickly I'm not even going to count it!)
- fair isle/intarsia
- entrelac (other than the "garterlac" dishcloth
- Continental knitting
- a shawl made of laceweight yarn

Carol said...

I keep finding techniques tha tlook interesting. But I REALLY have to be in the right mood to do them. Much of the time, I just want non-mind-bending knitting. Sometimes I like to challenge myself. Occasionally. Just to add interest to life.

Monnibo said...

Entrelac is perfect for variegated yarn, which I usually hate, because it acts against the pooling.

I have this Knitters "I have never..." list.... I should dig it up for you!

P.s. I'm not creepy, I found you through NaBloPoMo!

Daniele said...

I haven't tried steeking yet, Magic Loop or entrelac. The first one I have no problem with, the second and third scare me! :)

Daniele said...

OH - and I-cord. What the heck is it anyway? ha ha ha ;)