Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sock Knitting Suspense, Frustrations and Nightmares

Who ever says knitting socks is boring hasn't knit socks from the top down. Remember the lovely blue SW merino sock I bought at Rhinebeck to knit my mom socks? I cast on, on the way home, only it had been awhile since I made socks and cast on too few stitches. Almost the whole leg finished and I had to frog and start again.

Then a few nights ago, in fit of insomnia, I stayed up and finished the sock, except for kitchener stitching the toes closed. It was getting suspenseful have way down the foot when I had the equivalent of the approximate size of those super bouncy balls found in gumball vending machines, maybe a good sized jaw breaker's worth. Every couple rows, will I have enough, will I have enough. Top down sock are adventurous, not for the faint of heart.

Here is what looks like an almost finished sock, waiting for kitchener, with it's marble sized yarn ball stuck to the end of the needle. Well, it's about to be frogged, again.


What!?! What went wrong now? You ask.

I read on a post on Ravelry that SW Merino acts like silk and stretches. The problem, my mom and I wear the same size shoe, but her calves are bigger than mine. So, I knitted the sock a little loose for my leg. It should fit her well, except if the yarn stretches. I confirmed this with my helpful Plurk friends.

Then the mind debate began. Leave as is. Cast on smaller. If cast on smaller, how many fewer stitches. The mind boogles.

Well, just have her try it on, silly, you say.

Two things. First these are a surprise. Secondly, she comes over once a week to take me shopping and when she gets here, she's ready to go. The whole take off shoe, sock, try on, take off, put original sock and shoe back on, too much hassle.

Well, measure her leg and say it's for those leg warmers she wants.

Yep, thought of that. Except, my DD (not dear) borrowed my tape measure last week, and when it will resurface my possession is questionable. Yes, I could and should go buy another one, but, I just want to get these damn socks finished.

An answer came to me when I read Close To My Heart's blog post. Blueberry Waffle socks in fewer stitches, would be snug yet the stitch pattern would be stretchy enough. What better than blueberry waffles for blueberry colored yarn. This will feel like a whole new sock instead of redux times trois.

After another insomnia episode last night, I'm now this far.


I've been pretty depressed and anxious lately, as I have some stuff going on and about to have a whole lot more really crappy stuff happen soon. Nothing I can share on a public blog. It's a lot like watching a snow ball roll down hill and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

For part of my night, I started spinning the merino/tencel from Rhinebeck to chear and distract my mind. I had said, I thought it would be like the merino/silk I've spun before. This is far slipperier and I wouldn't suggest an advanced beginner to try it for fine singles. It would probably be much easier for a thick single with much pre-drafting prep in advance.

I took this picture with flash. Way shiny. I will try it again when there is sun, and no flash.


This should be a very light fingering 3 ply when finished. I think it should make wonderful lacy stockings.

Lexie says, "Psst, Dammit, I gots a secret."



mehitabel said...

Sounds like you are turning your "bad stuff" into more creative outlets. It helps. And then you can either give away or keep the results of your efforts! (Says the woman who made something like 20 comfort shawls, when my husband was in and out of the hospital.)

Lisa said...

I love the waffle pattern. BTW, this is exactly why I do toe-ups only! LOL! I'm definitely a try-it-on-as-you-go kinda gal. Yours look lovely, and I'm sure they'll turn out well.

JoAnn said...

arg! How frustrating. I get nervous when I make socks for other people. All that work, I want them to fit well. I love the blue color and the pattern!

Girl Meets Needle said...

Sounds like you have the key to turning stress into something useful. I wish I had that talent!

The Blueberry Waffle Socks are coming out beautifully, and the spinning is very nice, you super talented lady you! :)

And of course, I want to squish your bunnehs and give them cuddles among their crackers and celery(?). :)

Nan said...

I feel your pain with the sock frustration. I haven't done cuff down in quite some time because I would invariably end up in the same situation. But the new ones are looking lovely. And your bunnies are almost as adorable as Rupert.

Brenda said...

Love the colour of your blueberry waffle sock. I love the pattern, interesting yet simple.

Hope your depression and anxiety improves, good that you have creative outlets.

Daniele said...

I learned to make socks from the top down, so I usually have no problem. That's not to say more than a few have ended up in the frog pond!

Hi lovie bunnies!! Take care of your Mom while she's out of sorts. :)