Sunday, November 02, 2008

Rhinebeck Loot and Some Drivel

Due to a pair ominous mittens, I totally screwed up and posted Rhinebeck 2, late and didn't get to write a NaNoBloPoMo kick off post on the first. I'll blog about those dreaded mittens later this week. I'm hoping I can make it this year for NaNoBloPoMo. I have a proper internet connection, Road Runner is bill paid up. Check. I'm not worried about lacking decent content, I could pull a different WIP, or SWIP, or VSWIP out of the many every day have enough for a daily post for years to come.

The problem ahead is that I'm a bit of a hermit. I go through periods which I just want to close up my den and not have contact with other humans for awhile. It may be from growing up, my grandparents kept me isolated from other children. Back then I had many lonely days, now being alone is sort of comforting. Those days, I'm thinking maybe a couple pictures and a quick blurb. I know I can ramble on, so many of you will probably be looking forward to those days.

The Rhinebeck loot. I could have easily spent a few thousand dollars, but as I have bunnies and kitties to house and feed, I held restraint.

First thing I bought that was mandatory on my list is a Golding Spindle. I also found 2oz of cashmere/silk 50/50.


You know after I took those pictures, I had to sit and play for awhile.

I found this beautiful merino/tencil from Creatively Dyed Yarns. I've been wanting to try merino/tencil for awhile. I'm thinking about spinning it a light 3ply fingering to make these stockings.


Day 2, I bought some yarn to make Mom some socks to give her for taking me. I also found a skein of silk lace weight for a little more than it cost me to make. I started her sock on the way home, but forgot my basic pattern and cast on too few stitches, so I had to rip it out when I got home and tried it on. Grrr, that 8 inches of knitting in the dark.

Re-knitted, I'm on the foot gusset of the first sock.


I stuck to my rules, a Golding Spindle, some fiber I haven't spun before, yarn for Mom some socks to work on the ride home, and anything other than that had to be cheap and wow me.

I finished spinning the CMF SW Merino, but forgot to take a picture. Duh. Fodder for another post, I guess. Currently, I'm spinning the cat spit fiber. Mom said she would like some leg warmers, a pretty shade of blue. I'm hoping this works for her when finished. So specific, that Mom. One bobbin down, two to go.


Right after taking that picture, Tennessee came over and sniffed it thoroughly. I'm thinking the criminal always comes back to the scene of the crime. Dammit was sitting in front of me and I questioned him about it, as he is up all night and a probable witness. He says he will testify her guilt in court and will even swear to it on a stack of Zeppelin Cds.

For our Dammit fans, we have a Dammit Cam set up. We try to broadcast most nights from 8pm to midnight, a few times I've left it up all night.

Dammit is upset with Direct Tv. When there is nothing on we want to watch we set it to the XM radio station Top Tracks. The past two days they have been advertising their new Led XM station, 24 hrs of non-stop Zeppelin. Except it's not one of the stations for Direct Tv's line up. I told Dammit he can use my laptop to e-mail both XM Radio and Direct Tv to let them know he's upset. Maybe he could e-mail Mr. Page and Mr. Plant to request their help in his predicament. A bunneh should have his 24 hr Zeppelin, he says.


Finally, GD cut her hair really short on one side a few weeks ago, while her Mommy was sleeping. She's had a couple haircuts to attempt to straighten it out. The 80's are back again. I present you with the Mullet Princess.



~RaenWa~ said...

Everytime I see a drop spindle I stop & drool I eventually want to get one & learn how to spin. I love the purple yarn in your sock picture the blue you spun up for your mom is goregous love the different colors of blue. Your GD is still cute as heck

Carol said...

Have youstarted spinning the merino tencel? How slippery is it? I love the sheen of it but lack the gumption....

mehitabel said...

Those Golding spindles are beautiful! If I ever decide to learn to spin, I may have to get one. Heck, I may get one anyway, just because they are so gorgeous! Your fiber looks lovely and it will be fun to see how it finishes up!