Sunday, October 12, 2008

They Did It Again

Well, they did it again. You may remember from this post a ball of SW BFL all ready for dying had been tortured and terrorized. I salvaged it by dying it royal blue to make Duane's Cubs sock for the playoffs. If you know how the playoffs turned out, you also know we don't want to discuss that any further. Let's just say Snoopy is sulking in the doghouse.

This time the wool in question was tucked away neatly in a box, with the flaps securely folded down, or so I thought. Never underestimate the cleverness of determined cats paws. Yes, it's SW BFL again, it came smelling very sheepy, shall we say. This time I took photos of the evidence. As you can see there is a fair bit of cat spit on that one part. DNA evidence will be needed, as they are all pleading the 5th and demanding their attorney for questioning.


My mother often complains to me that when her feet get cold she can't get to sleep. A couple weeks ago, I suggested she might like hand knit footies to warm her feet. She said that instead she would prefer leg warmers, as her legs get cold since her quadruple bypass surgery. That she can't stand her feet covered and sleep with them outside the covers. Now, this is the first she's ever said this, but who am I to argue with her.

So, I asked her what color. She says whatever I want to make them. Gah, I hate that. Finally, she says blue. What shade of blue, I ask. Well, a pretty shade, she told me. Yeah, that really defines it, Mom. Cat spit wool number two is now destined to be some pretty shade of blue, and knit into leg warmers. I believe I will knit footies as well, because I know she will complain about cold feet.

I got a fair amount of spinning done yesterday. I finished one bobbin, and started on the third, the second one is about halfway. This is Crown Mountain Farms SW merino, color Lola, I had purchased awhile back to spin in between my own dyed fiber.


I have loved to cook and bake ever since I big enough to drag a kitchen chair over to the counter to watch my grandmother cook. My own mother hated to cook and did it as simply and seldom as she could. Dinner on weekends was often bacon and eggs, during the week we at with my grandparents when mom came home from work.

Fortunately, my step-mother also liked to cook. On the rare visits to my Fathers, I watched her intently as well, making plans for when I was old enough to do so myself. No helping was allowed and it was lucky that I have a photographic memory.

At about age nine, my mother was only too happy to let me practice with simple casseroles. Back then we had an old gas stove that the oven had to be lit with a long wooden farmer's match. We lived one house down from my grandparents at that time. So after school, my grandmother would go with me to light the oven then went into the living room to finish watching her soaps, while I prepared dinner for my mother. Poor Grandma would then go home to fix dinner for Grandpa and her brother, who lived in between us.

My mother was so impressed with my endeavors, she gave me a grocery allowance every Saturday and sent me shopping with my grandparents. There was something I noticed back then and still do today. Though my cooking was very good and this has been confirmed by numerous victims recipients, I don't enjoy eating it as much as I do when someone else cooks. I've been told it's because I've spent so much with food making it, that I'm sick of it by the time it comes to eating it. Other people who love to cook, have told me they have the same experience.

Since I've started spinning and dying my own fiber, I've noticed it's the same as cooking for me. It's just not as fun as spinning someone else s dyed fiber. The exception is merino/angora/silk. That stuff is deh spinner and knitters crackz, I'm telling you.

Today, I'm dying more wool for the store and the cat spit stuff. Bootsie has determined she should help.


This one here, Mom.


This is the one, Bootsie wants.


Bootsie surveying the process.


It's coming along just as she wanted it to. Kreative Kitties, where the kitties really do the creating.

For all Dammit's fans out there I'll leave you with a picture of Dammit enjoying his No Quarter dvd. He didn't do many binkies during yesterdays marathon. I think he, Lexie and the cats did a little too much partying the night before, in celebration of their three day weekend.

By the way, I really dislike Nikon Coolpix's five second delay from the time of clicking the button to clicking the picture. Dammit's don't hold the perfect poses for more then a second or two.

Ignore the clutter, those papers are in front of the tv as a carpet deterrent. Yes he really is watching, bunnies eyes are on the sides of their heads. Besides, his would turn a bit after I clicked, that stupid five second delay. Also notice the pink Bootsie house, Bootsie is on the top tier, watching as well. Normally every evening she can be found sleep on the floor in front of my feet until I go to bed. Except on Zeppelin dvd nights, we all know she secretly a big fan.


Lisa said...

I don't know what's the prettiest--the roving, de kitteh, or da buhnie! Your kitteh reminds me of my late, great Cassidy-cat, who demanded to be held and loved on.

I must STOP looking at your etsy shop! I'm on a strict fiber diet, and it's like a diabetic pressing her nose to the candy store window!!

Carol said...

Cat spit yarn! Hee! Too freaking funny. As for the delay, see if there is a "kids and pets" setting. Usually that gets rid of the dealy.

Courtney said...

a very productive day :-)

Girl Meets Needle said...

What a busy day you've had! I feel you about the camera issues. I have a Sony Cybershot and you can snap a picture at the perfect time but it has a long ass delay between clicking the button and actually taking the pic., so by the time it takes the picture the thing you were photographing has moved just enough to blur, or to have disappeared from the picture entirely. It sucks.

I need a new camera.

Also, Damnit is a lovely bunneh. I wants to snoogle with him.

fleegle said...

Cat Spit Yarn! You can sell it on Etsy!

Laptop says hi to Bootsie, who looks like she spotted a mistake!

And yeah, there are three patterns in that shawl from GOL. Triinu put them together in a different way. and charged a bundle to do it, too!

Daniele said...

The kitteh and bunneh love to help you out! So cute. I'm sure your mom will love her new leg warmers. :)