Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yay, For Three Day Weekends

It's a three day weekend here at Knitting Kitties. GD and DD have Monday off. Despite this awful cold I came down with Wednesday night, the bunnies, kitties and I have much planned. We are starting off with cranking Led Zeppelin on stereo. Dammit's request of course and it sounds better than the roofers noise.

It was a year ago this month, Dammit let us know he loved Zeppelin more than carpet. He says just keep the Zeppelin playing and no carpet will get hurt.


Some of on Plurk are wondering if cold are contagious via Plurk. Everyday someone new is coming down with same cold. What do you think?

Wednesday morning I woke to a small sale on etsy. Which worked into a couple more sales. It encouraged me to buy a bunch of sock yarn to dye. Now, to pray to the crochet, knitting, yarn gods that it sells. In economic times such as these hobbies become more popular for recreation. Quilting had a boom during the depression. Bright bubble gum pink quilts to warm ones body and cheer the spirit, were quite popular. Will see bright pink socks, sweaters and shawls this time around?

Just a short post today. I'm off to do some knitting, spinning and dying. Now, if I can figure out how to get this elephant off my chest and porcupine out of my throat. Cross stitch and crochet have been singing a siren song to me lately. Who knows what all I might get into. It's a three day weekend, time to craft party.

This is what is on my spinning wheel currently. Lola, SW merino from Crown Mountain Farms, because spinning someone else's dye job is like eating someone elses cooking.



Anonymous said...

Cute bunnies! Hope you're feeling better with some rest over the 3 day weekend. Have a great crafty day!

~SueR from Plurk

Lisa said...

Luv your buhnies! They're beautiful! So is your roving, but I'm on a strict fiber diet!

Daniele said...

Hi Bunnies!!

I hope you have a wonderful crafting weekend! I may even take out my long lost cross stitch. Thanks for the reminder! :)

Carol said...

When you spin someone else's yarn,yo don't know what the final product will be. When you spin your own, you have an idea (even if it's not what actually happens) and so it feels different.

that's my theory and I'm sticking to it!