Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sick or Not, It's Rhinebeck or Bust

I've been holding off on saying anything here, as I didn't want to jinx it, but I will be going to Rhinebeck on Saturday. I've been wanting to go for the past 3 or 4 years, but lacked the transportation. It was four years ago, I willing stopped driving when my leg reflexes showed I might not be able to prevent an accident when confronted with stupid. Plus, the medication my doctor put me on, would have it deemed my fault even if just sitting parked at a red light or in a parking lot. Since then my mom has been my main source of transportation, ok, my only source.

The problem is, that while my mom used to crochet avidly back in the 70's, she lost interest after marrying my step-father. She picked up quilting during the quilting boom in the 90's, and mention quilt show or quilt fabric shopping and she's right there. She made, I think two quilts ever, but mostly collects books, quilting notions, fabric and sewing machines. In the past when I've mentioned Rhinebeck, she hasn't shown any interest. This year, I mentioned I wanted to start selling at craft fairs and it would be nice to see how other fiber vendors are set up. She's all for it, somewhat.

As you know, I've had a terrible cold since last Wednesday. It started getting better over the weekend, however yesterday that sucker circled around and whacked me again. We were on the phone last night, I told her how I've been sick since we last spoken. Are you sure you're going to be up to traveling on Saturday? she asked me. Um yes, mom, even if you have to push me around in an iron lung.

Now, that I've bored you with that bit of story.

If thy stitches offend thee, rip them out.

I've knitting and making progress on the mystery sweater, I'm designing. I haven't wanted to mention much about it until it finished and I've written up the pattern. The over all pattern is created by a couple purl stitches strategically placed in alternating rows. Knitting away this afternoon, I looked down and noticed my purl stitches were off by one stitch, four rows back, throwing off the pattern. As you can see here at the top.


Of course, it's just a ton of stitches knitted in the round. The question was to slowly tink back about 200 stitches per 4 rows, carefully thread a lifeline then rip back, or just swallow hard and lit it rip. Since this is mostly stockinette with a couple purls thrown in and not lace with many decreases and yarn overs, I decided to just go ahead and rip away. The last row, I'm pulling one stitch at a time and reinserting the needle. Hopefully, to be happily knitting away very soon without any further incident. Who knew p4 k2 could be so hard to keep track of.

Now, for Dammit's fans, we have pictures. I told Dammit he had fans and he was mildly amused. Here is wearing his baseball cap backwards.


His hen sitting impression.


Just like a preschooler loves to watch their dvd's over and over again, so does Dammit. Here is watching Led Zeppelin, The Song Remains The Same last night.


Will you stop flashing that camera at me, already. I'm watching Zeppelin.


I felt it appropriate to leave the demon red eye in that last one. I found out later, smart little Lexie was hiding under the yellow tray chair watching the whole time. She's no dumb bunny.


Carol said...

Rhinebeck!? I'm jealous. Can't go this year.

Daniele said...

I too like to rip back and then insert the needle one stitch at a time. I still get the stitches twisted mostly, and have to turn each one around when re-knitting... ugh!

Have a wonderful time at Rhinebeck! How exciting.

Hi Dammit!! ;)

The Gadabout Knitter said...

Ooh! Can't wait to hear about your trip!!! I hope you feel better soon though!