Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Can Haz Spinning

Not the post I wanted to write tonight, but I'm feeling really achey and very fatigued. Fatigue has been kicking my butt for awhile now. I did get some dying accomplished this weekend, though not all I wanted to do.


Superwash BFL in the oven. Pink and blue stuff on the left merino/angora/silk. Two on the right SW BFL. All will be listed on etsy in the next few days. I'm in the process of dying BFL and SW merino.

A couple weeks ago, after I had weighed out some SW BFL for dying, the cats grabbed one 4oz. ball and attacked it. In their defense, it did smell quite sheepy. The usual suspects were rounded up and thoroughly interrogated. No one would fess up. A small sample with cat spit evidence has been sent to the crime lab for analysis.

Meantime, what to do with the wool, as I won't sell absolutely prefect product. It looks as though the Cubs will make it the playoffs this year. So, I dyed it mostly royal blue (superwash fiber sucks dye like crazy.) To fix the lighter spots, I'll kettle over dye the finished yarn, with more royal blue. So, tattered wool will become lucky Cubs play off socks.

I'll leave you with pictures of Bootsie, one of the suspects. Is she guarding, or waiting for lessons?


Looks like she might have given up.


Really given up.


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mehitabel said...

Hmmm, some very pretty colors there! And Bootsie definitely looks as if she's on guard. Uh huh. No one is going to get by her!