Thursday, September 18, 2008

Multi-Crafting and Multi-Tasking - Queen of Wipsluts

It seems multi-tasking is quite a buzz word. How many things can you do at once? Argh The effects of multi-tasking are being researched, with not good results. But, I digress. This week as you can see I joined Plurk. From there I was lead to the dark side of Molehill Empire. Major addictive time suck, the garden, that is.

There are very few needlecrafts I haven't tried. Bobbin lace is one I would like to try. There are very few I don't love, crewel for one. More hobbies = more projects in progress. I laugh hysterically when someone says I have 5 or 10 things going, I've got a problem. Small potatoes. I currently have 50+ cross stitch projects, and the materials with patterns for over 50 more. Knitting is about 30 or more, I haven't counted. Crochet is about 10. Then there is my tatting and beading. Quilts I have about 5 in various stages, with enough fabric to blanket a small village.

To some, ok many, I may have a problem. My mom likes to buy quilt fabric but hasn't made a quilt in a decade. She says, she who dies with the most wins. Wins what? You're dead. Is there a prize in the afterlife for having the most of something? Well, I told her, my stash is life insurance. I'm not dying until I have finished everything I've started, it looks like I'm going to be around for a very long time.

Tomorrow, I'm going to a local needlework and quilt show. Yay!!! I rarely get to go do anything fun. Digital camera is packed, so there will be pictures this weekend. We enjoyed the show immensely last year, but didn't bring cameras, as we thought they wouldn't allowed. However, we saw many did. There was one exhibitor who had tons finished works several categories, large detailed projects. She had passed away a couple years ago, at age 103, her family must have entered them. I noticed this while admiring a pillowcase with crochet lace edging. It was 3 inches and crocheted with size 100 thread. The tag she made seven sets for her nieces before she died. Nodded to my mom, It looks like it is possible. I'm hoping they have her projects there this year.

This week, I started a pair of footies with the leftover yarn from Maude. My feet get cold during the winter, and make my legs hurt. These will be wonderful bed footies. While I was knitting these the yarn reminded strawberry ice cream with a bit of peaches.


Then, there is the Magickal Earth Shawl, I started a few weeks ago. I've wanted to make this for awhile. There is a charity I want to donate this to, so I started it, and (crosses fingers) hope to have it done by the end of the year. It's hand-dyed cashmere/silk 45/55 in violet and soft gray blue, kinda like corn flowers, gossamer weight 800 yds per 50 grams. On size 000 needles. I have about 2000 yards in that ball. I dyed an extra 2 1000 yard skeins which I will put up on etsy in the next day.


Finished spinning the merino/angora/silk, now onto seemingly endless plying.



Sorry for the endless rambling. I'll leave you with this picture.



mehitabel said...

Well, I think I could match you in number of projects--except that I gave away a lot of unfinished/unstarted cross stitch and needlepoint kits and supplies. I am slowly weeding through stuff, but there's still a lot here!
Your little roving princess is adorable!!

wendy e said...

Hey cool - where's the quilt show?

Carol said...

I don't feel so bad about my WIP pile now! You are making something out of cashmere and you plan to donate it? You are stronger than I. I have such a weakness for soft stuff....

Roseann said...

More temptation, just what I need. Your rovings are lovely and so are your sock yarns.