Friday, November 28, 2008

Fiber Friday

After yesterdays mass cleaning and festivities, I'm barely able to move today. Between the severe sciatica, muscle fatigue and arachnoiditis (nerve pain caused by the dye in a mylogram) that has been acting up the past couple weeks, I've spent most of the day napping.

I lay down for a bit after dinner, not planning to fall asleep, but I did. Usually, in the winter, when I lay down after dark I turn the bedroom light on, so if I fall asleep when I wake up, I'll know it's the same day. Tonight I forgot to do that. So, after I had slept for about a half an hour I woke up and thought it was 8:00 am Saturday. I argued with Duane for several minutes before he convinced me it was still Friday.

For this weeks Fiber Friday, there really isn't anything new to show. I've been working on spinning a custom order and in between spinning the other 8 oz of Avalon to finish my sweater.

So, I'm announcing a sale at my Kreative Kitties store this weekend. I was going to make it until Sunday night but since Monday is Cyber Monday I decided to extend it an extra day. It's 10% off everything. Free shipping for US residents for $75.00 purchases after any discounts.

International customers receive $5.00 off shipping for $75.00 after any discounts. $7.50 off shipping for $100.00 after any discounts, it goes up $2.50 for every $25.00 from there.

I'll be adding more stuff over the weekend. Crossing fingers for some sunshine for picture taking, as the sun has been in hiding the past couple days here.

This pretty alpaca still has not yet sold, so it will be there until Sunday, unless someone snaps it up.


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