Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy New Year & Year Review

I hope 2012 is treating everyone right so far.  Me, I have had a great first two days.  Got to leave work early both days.  Last night we feasted on a side of prime rib roast beast.  Today, sunny and 75F, I met Duane at my connecting bus stop to have dinner out.  Back home forty-five minutes before I was scheduled to leave to work.

Last year started off pretty well.  Looking back I noticed I posted on the 2nd then. Last year, we had a clutch of new baby birds and I was nervous about them surviving.  Thirteen babies later, I can laugh at that.

Then starting on the 8th of January things started going down hill when Gabby Giffords was shot. I remained optimistic until Valentine's Day when we were both sick.  Then I had to call an ambulance and send Duane to the hospital.  Those who read and kept me grounded back then will remember things were pretty touch and go for a while. Some of you called me Super Woman, though my cape was torn, my tights had a run and I think I broke a heel.  Who knew you could bring bunnies to the ICU?

After forty-five days, we moved on to the nursing home/rehab center which brought many more challenges.  Finally, after three months, he came home.  More challenges over the summer.  We almost lost our Dammit Bunny (world's smallest Led Zeppelin fan.) He's back to his old spunky ways, by the way.

In August, trying to be thankful ad-mist chaos, I wrote a post and got some advice to freeze my curse. After which, things quickly got worse and immediately turned around for the better.  Working full-time for the first time in almost twelve years has came with it's own set of challenges. (that last post gets many Google hits from some weird people)

Babies were born, twice.  A very tense Christmas.  It was tiring year right to the very end.  My late ex-MIL used to say whatever your doing on midnight New Years is what you'll be mostly doing the rest of the year.  I was sleeping.  As tiring as last year was, I could use a year of mostly sleeping.  I won't wish for it though.  If you've read this blog for very long, you know what a peculiar sense of humor the Universe has when it comes to me and wishing things.

Through it all some knitting was finished.

Some spinning too.

The birds got a mansion to live in.

Lessons learned this year were lessons I had learned long ago, but are now more deeply ingrained.  Treasure good friends.  New friends that come along at the right time,  old friends and friends who you have never met in person but are just as special.  I would not have made it through this year without friends.  Be happy for the day you have, especially if you have what you need for that day.  Even if the it looks like your world might come crashing down tomorrow.  Very often, tomorrow will take care of itself.

Finally, I'll leave you with a couple sappy videos.  I'm going back to my knitting.  I'm making myself a pair of socks.  Would you believe I don't have a pair of hand knit socks for myself?

Have to have the Zep for Dammit.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

You've definitely had one hell of a year - and your cape may be torn and your tight might have a run - but you're still hanging on - and I think that "battered" look is fashionable and fabulous - who wants to breeze through life - the hard time make us treasure the good ones that much more!
However, I think you've earned a decent 2012 - or at least one a little less bumpy than 2011!

melbatoast68 said...

I can't believe everything you've gotten through this year. You are indeed superwoman even with all the tarnish, rips and all. Hold your head up and be proud! It's been an honor to get through it all with you. May 2012 be amazing!

Rudee said...

I think it's best to do some sweeping right at midnight--sweep the old year right on out the door. I missed the opportunity because I was at the bar with my best friend. Next year, I won't forget. Still I hope this year is better than last--especially for you.

Julie said...

I am hoping this year will bring you some much needed relaxation and quality time together and the rest of life will take care of itself.

I do t have socks for me either, I think I need to remedy that this year.