Friday, July 01, 2011


Just checking in... things haven't been going so well.  They were and then they weren't.  Not much creatively going on concerning things fiberly.  Slowly working on the other half of the llama.

The supervisor put me off for three weeks, then I finally got a hold of her last Monday.  Had to rush in last Tuesday and do two days worth of orientation in one day.  Walked over a mile in 110 degree weather to the bus stop to come home.  Wednesday, a good case of sun poisoning with my fair skin.  It has been hotter than hot the past couple weeks.

I get my first check on the 7th a weeks pay.  Called the phone company and got them to hold off until then without any hassle.  Yay.

Then this morning, the manager came over with a 5 day notice.  A couple weeks ago, he gave me the number of the only agency that might be able to help us.  I'm number 20 on the waiting list and it could be 2-4 weeks before I get called in for an interview.

All the other agencies are either out of funds, or we have to have minor children.  No help from Social Services/welfare or the Salvation Army unless we have minor children.  Just foodstamps.

I called Duane's case manager and she said the best she could was place him back in a nursing home.  I told her that was silly.  Catching us up on the rent, costs a third of a month in a nursing home.  She said the state was very clear that they can't help with rent.

The manager said he could work something out if I could come up with one month's rent.  Duane's friend is moving in this week and can give us half of it. We will be about $250.00 short.  I called my mom but she's in a bind herself.  My kids I know can't help.  We won't hear from Social Security until August or September about his SSI/SSD.

Duane is getting slowly better.  He cooks dinner every night.  Takes him a few hours having to sit down every ten minutes to rest and re-oxygenate, but it is something he loves to do.  He insists.  His therapist has him walk to the front gate and back with his little tank, about 200 - 300 ft and when he gets back he is down to 80% O2 sat and takes him 5 or 10 minutes sitting to get back to 96% on 3 liters of O2.  Next Thursday, we have appointment for pulmonary tests. He started blogging again.  For those interested, his first post is a good explanation of ICU psychosis.

I'm so desperate, I'm calling that nursing home he was in.  You know, that one.  Going to talk to the director and see if he will help me get my CNA certificate and work for them. Since they watched me take of Duane, they know my work ethic and maybe I might have a chance.  I'm working on getting financial aid to take the refresher course to get my LPN license active down here.  Then will work on taking classes towards my RN.  I have long range plan......

It's just the short term, this damn mountain.  Last week I used the last of our money to get pet food to last til I get paid.  Now this.  I'm making calls to a couple more people who I hate to ask, but what choice do I have? I don't know if they will help us or not.

Will update next week as to what is coming next.


melbatoast68 said...

I was thinking about popping you a note on facebook to see how you were doing since you've been so quite. Now I understand. Hoping something good comes your way soon, but words feel very inadequate right now.

elephantJuice said...

Goodness, what an ordeal. I really hope things start to look up for you both x

by Teresa said...

Goodness sakes, you guys are really being put through a trial.. I know you'll prevail. That is so good for Duane to have the cooking to do, as we want to feel needed.
Good luck on your job prospect!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Rudee said...

The way bureaucracies work is mind boggling. I know it can't move fast enough for you guys, but keep your eye on how far you've come. I'm glad to hear Duane is still making progress.

nursenikkiknits said...

Thinking of you a lot. Hope you guys can figure it out for just a little longer until the slow agency wheels finally start turning. Take care of each other.

Anonymous said...

{{{Denise and Duane}}}