Wednesday, July 06, 2011

WIP Wednesday - Update On Dammit

If you've read my last two posts, then you know I'm having a stop the world I want to get off moment.


His prognosis looks good, only time and care will tell.  They did a blood test for e.cuniculi.  The vet seems to think that might be what it is, but the medication has side effects, even though they have never saw the side effects in other bunnies.  She thought it might be an ear infection, however, she said he has the cleanest ears she's ever saw on a bunny.  Then again it could be ideopathic wry neck, in that they never find the cause.

The bill was almost a month's rent.  My friend sucked in her breath when she saw it.  I had them take off one test that wasn't totally necessary.  Thankfully, she said ok, but she wouldn't be able to help if our other bunnies get sick. If the test comes back positive he will need even more medicine daily for one to two months. They didn't say how much that will cost.   Dammit just snuggled in my arms on his back with his head on my chest, like a baby.

(Betty and Dammit playing tag this past winter. )

When we came home, I cleaned his cage with bleach and put down fresh bedding and hay.  He didn't care for the taste of all his medicines.  He's in his cage now with his Betty.  Betty knew he was sick as she had stayed by his side cleaning him.  The vet said that was good as he would need a companion bun to help keep him clean, while his neck is like that.   Which is going to be hard as I also need to watch that he is pooping and peeing.  Hard to tell whose is whose in one cage. (sigh)

As I'm writing this I have Dammit's Led Zeppelin DVD's playing loud enough that he can hear them in the bedroom where his cage is. Tomorrow, during the day,  I might drag his cage out to the living room so he can be closer to the tv to listen.  I don't know so much about watching with his eyes all wonky.

  When he was a little Dammit, his neutor surgery devastated him so, he refused to eat for the vet.  They kept him an extra couple days, force feeding him until he pooed.  They sent him home with the force feeding and medicine.  His cage at that time was in front of the stereo speaker.  We put his Zeppelin cd on for him and after a short time he perked up, picked up a big kale leaf and devoured it.

Here's a video I took of him trying to clean the bit of medicine off his face.  This is shortly after his pain medicine. You can see how his head keeps leaning to the left.  His eyes also keep darting side to side, which is making him dizzy.  Up close, it looks like he is having a constant seizure.

That is my main work in progress right now.  Getting our Dammit bunny feeling better.

Update to my other home crisis.  Our boarder was able out with half.  The one person I e-mailed is between jobs and unable to help.  Thankfully, a couple of kind blog friends sent some via Paypal and we are now only 90.00 short of the months rent.

To back track:  We woke up Friday morning to the a/c not working and the temp got up to 116F.  It was almost 90F in here when the repairman showed up at 5pm.  The vet thinks that the distress of the heat might be what triggered Dammit's illness.

I called the director of that nursing home.  He said they would hire me if I got my CNA, but ignored me about needing help with the $50.00 for the exam.  He said he would ask the other department heads if they had any kind of job for me.  I was going to call back today, but the crisis with Dammit took up my attention.

Tuesday, I called the AZ state board of nursing and the person in charge of CNA licensing said if I have a copy of my LPN transcript and send them $50.00 fee for the exam, I can get my CNA certificate for AZ.  Before this I called Pima college nursing department thinking they might know the information I was seeking.  They didn't know, but tried to talk me into skipping the CNA certification and giving them $1,080.00 for the LPN refresher course.  She couldn't understand, I don't have that much money and want to work as a CNA to save for the other course.

Yesterday morning the manager came to my door and said, I needed to give him what cash I had, and to have the agency that has me on the waiting list for help with the rent, to fax his boss a letter stating I'm on the list.  The lady that answered the phone wasn't the nice lady that called me back last week.  She was sarcastic as to why I didn't call the other lady who is handling my case.  That's because I didn't have her direct number.  After being very nasty that they couldn't fax or speak to the landlord, I got her to give me the nice lady's number.  I left her a message and she e-mailed me back that she wasn't allowed to contact my landlord until my number came up and I come in for an interview.  That she would verify to me that I am on the list and should be called in 2-4 weeks and if approved they would pay back rent and utilities.  She helped me through a back door.  The manager had me forward it to his e-mail and he sent it to his boss.

I'm also putting in applications online for every job listing I see that I might be able to do.

I'm trying the best I can to hold it all together.  I just want a decent job to pay our bills and save for my LPN to reinstate and then go to school for my RN.  The universe seems to be poking me to be extra nasty.  I'm yelling stop it, I can't take anymore, because I really can't take another thing going wrong.

This week Duane was able to walk a city block and half, with the PT following with his wheelchair.  He sat and rested, then walked back. His O2 sat was again down to 80% when he returned.  He thinks it would have been better if not for the heat of 110F with humidity as a storm came in.  His endurance is improving slowly every week.  Not fast enough for him as he is anxious to get back to work and help out.  SSI should be making a decision in the next weeks.  Pray that is good news.  I told him if it is approved he should take the time to take some online classes at the local college.

As you would figure, it's been hard to concentrate on knitting.  In two weeks I've gotten this far on my granddaughter's sweater due to be born the beginning of October.

I broke my promise to myself and started an HAED cross stitch pattern that I've had for a couple years.  I've had pattern, fabric and thread for quite awhile, but kept telling myself I need to finish some WIP's first before starting this.

Bootsie did her best to try to stop me.

No progress picture as it is a very boring, small dark blue square that is stitched.   Don't know what I was thinking to start this. 

I'm also working on a stealth project.  A little something I plan on sending to all the angels out there who have helped me during this long, wow, I don't know what to call it, these unending trials.  Any way I'm making them all a little something to remember how they were an angel to someone in need. 

All your positive thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated. 

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Marushka C. said...

Wishing the best to you & your family.

Sandy said...

I can't imagine paying a vet bill then being short for rent. Sounds like things are looking up though, with the job and all; but you didn't say whether or not you took the job. Hope you start right away and get lots of hours. Maybe giving your bunnies to someone who can better afford the financial burden right now would help you out.

Anonymous said...

I just don't know what to say that would give you comfort, other than I am sending all good thoughts and vibes your way. I hope you catch a break soon.

melbatoast68 said...

As always, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope everything gets better soon!

Carol said...

Right. If I knew where the universe's crotch was, right now I would go and give it a swift kick. This is beyond ridiculous. Mojo! Wear absorbent clothes, you don't want the mojo headed your way to splash off and go to waste!