Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Funny thing overheard while sitting at the bus stop this afternoon:  "Yeah, Louisiana is real hot. That's cause they got rivers with actual, real water running in them."  If you are from Arizona then you know why that's funny.  We have dry river beds.

I know it doesn't look it, but I have put about 8-10 more rows on the baby sweater.  Twenty more rows to go and I will put the sleeve sections on stitch holders.  It's really sad, I was thinking today of how I used to knit one of these baby sweaters in a day or two.  That's because I'm busy with a WIP that I can't take a picture of it.

My main WIP is building endurance and muscles to work as a CNA.  Knitting just doesn't help with that, unless I were to knit with say some very heavy rope and pool sticks.  Sweater for the Jolly Green Giant?

It's been rather cool here the past few days, 95F/40C.  Which feels cool compared to 116F/46.66C that we were having before.  Monday, I needed to walk up to the Target, which is 1.25 miles one way.  Duane was wanting to get out of the house.  So, I pushed him in his chair all the way there, around the Target and back home.  It was mostly uphill both ways.  It's Tucson, somehow they manage to do that.  I know for a fact that it was mostly uphill both ways as I was perpendicular with the ground and had to stop when I started puffing like a steam engine.  All I was missing was the snow storm.  The hot Tucson sun made up for the lack of snow drifts.  (If you have ever pushed a wheelchair uphill, you know what I mean by being perpendicular with the ground.)  Two days later and I only feel a little bit sore.  I feel like I can take on the world, now.  Just over a year and half ago, I was walking with a cane, headed for a wheelchair myself.  I've come a long way.

Duane continues to enjoy cooking.  He made this strawberry cheesecake from scratch for dessert Sunday night.  That was after the dinner of carne asada.  It looked so good, we forgot to take a picture, as we scarfed right down.  Then thought about the picture after the fact.

Friday, I finally was able to talk to the director of the nursing home.  He had been out for meetings all week.  The only positions available are CNA and LPN.  I told him about my phone call to the state board and that all I needed was the $50.00 exam fee, and that if they would help, I would sign a contract to have them take it out of my pay.  He said he needed to talk to some people.  He called me back an hour later with a number to a vocational program and said they would be able to help more than nursing home could.  I called on Monday.  It's for minors or people with minor children. (heavy sigh)

Friday night, on my fb sidebar, I saw an ad for Give Locally.  It's the only time I've saw that ad, and it hasn't come up since.  My mother has always told me to never leave any stone left un-turned.  (That's sounds like really bad grammar.  Even to me, who makes big grammar mistakes all the time.)  I think what they are doing is a wonderful thing.  Wished I could have signed up as a donor instead of filling out the application for recipient.  I'm not posting this asking for help, I just want to share the site.

Anyway, Tuesday morning, Jorge called me from Give Locally.  He went over our situation, said he felt we were good candidates and would e-mail me the contract pdf.. I needed to fill it out via e-mail reply with all our information  and contact numbers to verify our story. He explained they do not give out cash.  They will send checks to companies for bills, send gift cards for stores or gas.  I didn't have a problem with that.  Late Wednesday morning, our story went live on their site.

I'm hoping someday soon, we are back on our feet and I can sign on as a donor, to pay it forward to others in need.   I like the idea of being able to see where the money is going.  They take .18 of every dollar as a fee to keep their lights on (operating costs).

Since all that is left is continue to fill-out job applications and build my physical endurance, I need to start lightening up.  I've been really depressed about all that we've been through these past months, lately.  I know it's because I haven't had the chance to deal with it all emotionally.

Thursday afternoon, I have a fun post planned by Mr. Dammit Bunny, his very own little self.  The vet called this morning and the e. cuniculi came back with a moderate positive. They are putting him on the medicine for it for four weeks and will go from there.

Thanks for stopping by and all your well wishes for our Dammit the past few posts.  You are much appreciated. For probably more interesting WIPs, click the button below.


Julie said...

I am totally keeping my fingers, toes and anything else crossed that the 'give localy' can take some of the worry away from you both and help.

Loving the cheesecake, shame it couldn't have made it through the screen to me, i could just eat that right now!

love to you all xx

RugbyMad said...

I love the fact that you have publically said that you will pay it forward. I believe that good things will come your way!

As for your baby cardigan, it's stunning!

Sandy said...

What's CNA? Love the colors in the baby sweater.

nursenikkiknits said...

The baby sweater looks lovely (as does the cheesecake - yum!) Glad to hear Dammit is on the mend. I'm hoping everyday some real help comes your way. Glad you are able to enjoy the little things and share in them with D.

Denise said...

Sandy a CNA is a Certified Nursing Assistant.

melbatoast68 said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. Hope everything works out. Glad to here Dammit is getting better!

elephantJuice said...

That cheesecake looks wonderful!

I really hope everything works out for you. That Give Locally site looks great, good luck with it.