Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Post From Dammit, His Very Little Self (as transcribed by the cat, Bootsie)

(Please excuse the looks of the closet.  The place is a slum.)

I wanted to take moment to thank you all for your well wishes and prayers last week.  Last Wednesday, I don't know what hit me.  It was worse than those benders I went on in previous life as a Led Zeppelin groupie.  Everything was spinning on top speed.  Momma said, it was my eye balls that were spinning.

My left paw is very sore from my broken left pinky, so I have assistance from the cat, who has previous experience at this. (Ahem, the cat's name is Bootsie.  I'm doing this against my will. He pounced me and forced me to do his typing.  Mom and Pop won't let me seek revenge on the little bugger.) (Pounce) As I was saying about my paw.  My guitar hero, Jimmy Page had a similar injury, so I feel I'm very good company.  The Dr. says I can get back to my air guitar playing in a couple weeks.  That's if Betty doesn't chew off the strings, yet again.

The medicine stuff, Mom sticks in my mouth, yuck.  However, it's better than best primo catnip.  Woah, some of that and then she puts on my Zeppelin videos, I'm in heaven. That's the best part of this sick thing.  I think it's the medicine, because I'm also suddenly quite fond of all the cuddles and attention, I'm getting from the humans.  Betty is great nurse.  She gives me several tongue baths a day.  Plus the food.  Mom went out and bought all my favorite treats, kale, dried pineapple and papaya.  I nommed a whole kale leaf in front of her, just to make her happy.

New medicine for e. cuniculi is on it's way.  I'm told I'll have to take it every day for four weeks.  Not sure, how I'm going to like that idea.  It's supposed to be fruit flavored, I prefer kale flavor.  Mmmm, kale.

Mom says either she was really bored or quite mad, but she made me a page on FB for all my friends.  She tried to create an account for a person, but FB wouldn't allow Dammit or Bunny for a name.  (She's quite mad, that Mom.  Wait! That Damn rabbit has his own FB page!  Pop, Pop!) (sounds of small feet stomping off) (Pop says he gets a page because he is THE DAMMIT.  pfft, I'm THE BOOTSIE, I should get a page.) (pounce) As was saying, I will be posting updates and pictures of my girls and I.

Thanks again for all your well wishes.  I should soon be back to my old self, pouncing cats and my favorite sport of jumping in the middle of the cat pile on the bed.

P.S.  Please tell Mom to stop the abuse I'm receiving from that damn rabbit.  It isn't right that I should put up with such treatment.  (Pounce) 


by Teresa said...

Glad you have the right medicine coming his way!!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Sue said...

Poor Dammit :( I hope you feel better soon. (There is nothing cuter than a blogging or tweeting pet.)

Carol said...

Aw, poor Bootsie. Just wait tilll Dammit feels better, THEN you can get your revenge. (When Mamma isn't looking of course)

Julie said...

So lovely to read this post, made me giggle Mr Dammit, i'm pleased to see that the injury and life in general hasn't had an effect on your sense of humour

{big furry bunny hugs) to you and your friends - and yes that includes bootsie too, you know you love her really!! LOL

elephantJuice said...

Aww, glad you're on the mend!