Sunday, August 07, 2011

We Haven't Dried Up and Blown Away

yet..... I've been meaning to post for awhile.  Until this past week, I haven't much concentration for any fiberly.  After last months, crisises I've been rather on edge and didn't want to sound whiny/whinging about things.

While trying to find needles to start a new shawl, I found them attached to an old project I started the summer of 2006.  Dayflower Daydream, in some of my first handspun laceweight, two-ply merino.  No idea of the yardage. I'm using size 1, Susan Bates circular Silvalume 16 inch needles and am quickly running out of room.  I guess I'll add some size 1 double points as needed to finish.

The past few weeks, I've been filling out several job applications a day. A discouraging task. Then also helping the French lady across the way move to a new apartment at a complex close by. An interesting task, even though she had movers coming on August 1, we moved things by grocery carts almost daily for two weeks before. Then I've been reading, easier to get my mind off things. Most of the novels I've been reading are either during the fall or winter up North and with our heat, I find myself wanting to dive head first into a huge snow bank.

As I said, I've been wanting to post and have had some small things I could have wrote about. While I'm usually not superstitious, it's times like these I get a bit funny.  I had just finished that mountain of paperwork and was about to celebrate when the next the manager brought that five day notice. I've been afraid if I start relax even for a moment, the gods or Murphy's people will come and take major crap right in the middle of my living room.

It's happened several times in the past. 1997 is one of those many times that come to mind. In January that year, my husband left us, my three children went off the deep end, and my father who had been out of my life for years came back into and was trying to take over and not in a good way. I told a friend back then, that I felt like I was living with a pack of dogs and everyone was fighting for the place of alpha. By summer, I had my father's visits to almost nothing, and the children and I called a truce. Things seemed to settle down and get better, I started to relax. Then one day in the middle of July, my daughter calls me at work saying the house we were renting was on fire. A whole new, big heap of crap to deal with.

Our boarder has been something else. While we are grateful to be able to pay the months rent, he comes with added stresses. A 38 yr old man, who acts like a whiny, immature 12 yr old. I can't stand it when people, even children talk in a whiny voice. GRRRRRR He's a nice guy and means well, but just doesn't think things through.  I could go on an on about all the unnecessary annoyances, but I won't. Maybe I will tell the story later when I'm not experiencing it on a day to day basis.

Mr. Dammit is doing better. He holds his upright for the most part, but still has a tendency to tilt his head to the left. Most especially when we lecture him for being bad. He flops his head to the side, like a broken neck broken bunny. He's getting back to his old self, as he pounces my hand when I stick it in his cage to give him fresh food. Last night I was holding him for a bit after I gave him his medicine and he bit my finger to get me to put him down. Not hard, just a tooth scrape. Enough to let me know the next nip won't be quite as pleasant.

For some good news, please be sending "get the job mojo" asap. Out of all those applications, on Friday, I finally heard back from one. This Monday (tomorrow) I have an interview at a rehab center for dietary aide. Not a great job, but I'll take almost anything right now. I'm sending out the application for to take the CNA exam this week.

Duane wrote part two of his experience with this awful illness this week. For those of you who have been following along and might want to read about his side of things. His wireless mouse died a couple weeks ago, so we've sharing mine. It's almost as bad as sharing computer, but not quite.

I'll leave you with this song that came across my FB page this week.


Vicky said...

Fingers crossed for the job hunt :)

melbatoast68 said...

Fingers are crossed and sending good mojo your way.

Julie said...

Good luck with the job application, keeping my fingers crossed that you get it. xxx

Great to read Dammit is improving, shame the same can't be said for your boarder, a friend once told me that all men are little boys till they reach 40!!

Rudee said...

I hope things change for you soon, and in a good way.