Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I know on Monday, I said I would post on Tuesday about the birds.  When I came back with Duane from the SSD Dr. I was both tired and stressed.  So, since it's now Wednesday on the east coast, I'll just write a two for one.

Even though I've put an additional 30 rows onto Dayflower Daydreaming, the progress really can't be seen, so no new picture.  I am determined to get this very old wip finished so I can use the needles for the project I really wanted to work on. I'm using some of my very first handspun lace weight merino from 2006, which is when I started this.

Dammit is being very naughty in the closet with the carpet.  One way to dissuade him is to put a throw rug over the area.  For some reason, he doesn't have an appetite for throw rugs.  I'd remembered in the 90's it was the rage to crochet doilies out of heavy yarn for throw rugs.  Looking at it, I'm afraid he'll probably catch a paw in one the holes.  I guess this one will end up in front of the kitchen sink or beside my tub.  I'm using Simply Soft acrylic Dark Teal.  I think for Dammit's rug, I'll afghan stitch a rectangle (boring) and maybe cross stitch a design on it.

The pattern (free) is one of the first doilies I ever crocheted.  It was a favorite of my late ex-MIL's.  We made tons of these which she gave many sets as presents.  Except to me, because I could make my own damn set if I really wanted one.  They were always size 30 white cotton with the final round in a variegated colored border.  Her favorite being DMC's variegated golds.  When DMC stopped making size 30 in variegated colors was when I figured out how to dye my own thread.  I could never get an exact match to the gold that would satisfy a certain person.

The birds. We are up to 13 fully feathered birds.  Some of you may remember, when the first four babies hatched on Christmas and New Years.  January was the most hits ever as many came to watch the progress pictures of the babies. Then Meanie hatched on that awful Saturday.  Shortly after Duane came home from the nursing home, another three were hatched.  Can't remember if I posted about them, as I was a bit distracted.

Last month, I talked the next door neighbor into letting me borrow the cage that the boarder found in the garbage awhile back.  He wants a cockatiel, but isn't in the position to take care of one.  We are borrowing the tall cage until I can afford to buy a bigger one.

Poor Myrtle has been wanting a family so bad, these long months while waiting for Ladybird to be finished with the house. Myrtle is the green and yellow bird in the left side cage.  This last batch, we told Ladybird and Huey they were finished and snatched the house out before they could repopulate it with eggs.  Myrtle now has the house.

One of the last three birds, has a bum leg.  His left leg sticks straight out to the side.  He has to hop around on the one good leg.  What were we to do?  Duane said he couldn't see putting a little bird down just because it has a bad leg.  So, we named him Cassidy.  He's the dark blue one, holding onto the bars with his bum leg. Meanie is in the back.  Meanie turned out to be such a sweet little bird.  He loved helping to take care of his younger siblings.  We decided that since Meanie helps Cassidy, we would keep them together and put them in with Mr. Bird and Myrtle.

There on the right is Cassidy's two brothers.  Duane named them Pete and Repeat.  They like to argue over the swing, knocking the other off.  I say, "Pete and Repeat sitting in the swing. Pete fell off. Who was left?"  Duane says, "I'm not falling for the joke that never ends."

Myrtle, oh my, that little lady.  It's like she knew this was her only chance.  There are two babies there, one hatched on Saturday, the other on Monday.  You'll notice there are still five, yes five, more eggs unhatched. *heavy sigh*  If they all hatch and survive, that'll be...... You do the math.  The house will be coming up missing, just as soon as these are ready to leave the nest.

Monday's grocery shopping trip, Duane was able to get something he's been wanting for over a year.  A beef brisket.  He roasted it that afternoon in the oven.  He has planned barbeque brisket sandwiches and a deep dish barbeque brisket pizza.  Oh and his famous chilli.

The appointment went ok today.  The Dr. was a very old Jewish man.  I answered most of the questions in the beginning, as Duane doesn't have much recollection of the ICU and what happened.  Then the Dr. checked his hands and ankles, listened to his lungs and heart.  Shuffled some papers, looked at a couple medical journals and asked when was the last time someone really listened to his lungs.  I couldn't remember if the Dr. did when we saw him in June or not.  He then said, he highly suggested we have someone listen to his lungs, a chest x-ray and have him checked out by a pulmonologist.  He said, he heard something and he's not sure if it's old or something new.  He is concerned about that with the recent joint pain Duane has. He said, he wasn't allowed to advise, but it was hard to break old habits.  I'm hopeful that the Dr's report will be on our side, but now I'm worried.  Luckily, I already have a follow-up appointment scheduled for this Friday with his Dr.

It was just last night as I was going to sleep, I was thinking about cooler temps coming in a few months. I'm quite sick of high 90's and 100's in temps.  Then I thought, come winter, comes the FLU!!!  I had a panic attack at the thought of the flu season coming.  After this past February, I think anyone in my shoes would.

Oh well, as with everything else going on in my life, we shall wait and see what comes next. I'm also quite tired of this waiting and uncertainty about the future.   

 Thank you for stopping by.

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pinkundine said...

The colour of your doily/blanket is incredible, so rich. Cute baby birds too :)

Rudee said...

Last things both need flu shots this year, and I'm sure he had a pneumovax, which will be good for some time, but double check to be certain it was done.

The birds are beautiful!

I can't crochet to save my life, but your work gives me the interest to at least try. I love the blue.

SimonSimple said...

Such a full post but all of it is interesting. I hope all the babies are healthy and that you manage all of them

Take care.

Kathleen said...

I love that doily pattern, I may have to try making one up (in yarn, I haven't ventured much into thread crochet yet...)

The brisket looks amazing, and all of the Plans for it are making me drool. Brisket pizza? Be still my heart.

I hope the next doctor's appointment goes well and ends with good news.

RugbyMad said...

So many beautiful photo's.

Chrisknits said...

Best wishes on finishing the shawl, it will be lovely. And even better wishes on results from the Dr visits!!

nursenikkiknits said...

That Dayflower Daydream pattern looks amazing. it is going to be gorgeous in your yarn.
I am in awe of your tenacity and perseverence with everything you've been through this year.
Good luck on Friday.

Julie said...

Awww cute little birdies, i hope the new babies are well and healthy
Hope all goes well at the dr on Friday, he sounded like a nice guy, fingers crossed his report does what needs to be done and helps you both.

Super doily/rug

Debbie said...

That Daydream shawl is going to be gorgeous when it's done. Can't wait to see it all finished!

Yarn Changer said...

Love the doily. The color is great. Crossing my fingers for you both.

omlair said...

that rug will be epic. Can't wait to see the finished product.