Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WIP Wednesday

We're still here on the planet.  I was just too tired to post last week.  Not much creativity going on.

I put a few stitches on my floral bell pull this week.  Very late I remembered about TUSAL.  Just really busy the past couple weeks with appointments and still more paperwork comes pouring in.  Still waiting to get dates for the orientation for home care.  Looks like sometime in July before I get a check.  Will have to call to follow up again tomorrow. (sigh)

Yellow and green threads added to the jar. Yes, that is Easter chocolate.

I finished the merino/silk and am working on my friend's llama fiber.  It's going to be very rustic looking.  This fiber has been carded.

More interesting things.  Here's Dammit with his paws around Betty, hugging.  Dammit spends every night sitting by the O2 concentrator, guarding it, from what, who knows.

Bootsy likes to ride on the back on Duane's wheel chair.

and watching the baseball game with her Pop.

A very happy kitteh now that she has her Pop.

We have babies, yet again.  That makes 13.  Duane checks them every day.  He's waiting for the fourth egg to hatch.  They've been going through seed and spinach likes it's going out of style.  I can understand the one's with the babies, but the other seven have increased appetites.

Duane made lasagna Monday night and we had my friend that drove me back and forth everyday over for dinner.  Here it is pre-oven.

Here it is out of the oven. Yes, my stove really is the size of an Easy Bake Oven.


melbatoast68 said...

Duane looks about as happy as Bootsie. Glad to know you're still moving right along. I can only imagine how tired you are! Take care sweetie!

Marushka C. said...

I'm glad Duane is back home & I hope you are both feeling better.

Carol said...

Holy crap! Either that lasagna is HYOOGE or your stove is tiny! Glad all the denizens are happy. Gotta love thepaperwork, huh? It's amazing how much paperwork is required for anything vaguely governmental..

Tami Klockau said...

Awww, I love love love this post Denise! It is so awesome to see Duane and the animals all attached to him. Too awesome!

by Teresa said...

It's so nice to see Duane looking so healthy and the animals enjoying having him home. Things are looking up for ya'll! Hope the red tape gets over quick.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Anonymous said...

Good little Bootsie keeping an eye on daddy!

Julie said...

Congrats on the new babies.

Duanes looks like he's doing well

love you both xx

Julie said...

congrats on the new babies

Duane looks like he's doing well.

mmm lasagna, my favourite