Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday

It seems a year goes by between Wednesday's.  I'm getting more knitting time now that he is able to do a little more for himself.  This morning during the baseball game, I pulled this old thing out of the bag.

To recap, this is a cardi, I'm designing myself, well just knitting as I go along.  The yarn I'm using is a light 3 ply fingering weight merino, angora and silk blend that I dyed and spun a year ago.  Started sometime around January, I've been knitting on this while D was in ICU.

This will be short sleeved to wear over my sleeveless sundresses.  I knit one pattern repeat of the lace for continuity, then will knit an inch of seed stitch border.  I need to have some continuity in my life somewhere.  Almost finished with this sleeve, and I might (fingers crossed) have an FO for Friday.  Just in time to fold it up and put it in the drawer.  It's getting a bit warm down here, sunny and in the 90's F 32.22 C  all week.  Soon it will get hot 100F/37.77C and then damn it's HOT at 110F/43.33C , it becomes crispy critter time at 115F+ / 46.11C+ about July.

I'm slowly progressing up the leg on my sock.  For details about the pattern is on last week WIPW.  I'm running short on time and need to run back up to the home.

The pattern is a recipe and it's a bit vague.  If you like your hand held through all the steps, then this one should be avoided.  I, however, enjoy a challenge (like my life isn't challenging enough).  Misread the increase chart and had to tink back about 6 rows.  I need to pay more attention to what I'm looking at.

My pansies and petunias.. They might not be around much longer now that the sun is getting hot.  The French lady across the way has been watering them for me this whole time.  She was afraid she was going to kill them as she hasn't had much luck with pansies.  I told her they would die anyway and not to worry about it if she did kill them.  I finally got to thank her this weekend and she's thrilled how well they are doing.

Now for an update on my longest WIP, D has plateaued the past couple days.  The problem is his lungs need more time to heal.  The next step is for him to sit on the side of the bed, in order to be to stand, then walk.  Every time they sit him, he gets short of breath and his O2 sats go down into the 70's with 60 seconds and he has to lie back down.  One of the PT guys understands that and is working on helping him strengthen his core muscles.  Unfortunately, that guy is only there 3 days awake.  All the other therapists, I guess are complaining that they think D isn't cooperating.   Except if you can't breath there isn't much else you can do.  Have to resist the urge of wanting to punch some people.

Being sedated in the ICU for about 45 days, he's lost over 70 lbs and that is muscle mass from lying there and steriods.  It's not like he just went on a diet.  I'm up here now and he told me that yet again, a PT person confirmed his O2 sat dropping when he sits up.  So they've increased the exercises for his core strength while in bed.

I put my back out last Thursday and had to spend a couple days in bed on the heating pad.  I did go up for a couple hours on Friday and Saturday, but it hurt like hell.  The CNA that was "supposed" to help me lift him did it, or rather didn't do it.  That is she didn't lift her half, just said 1, 2, 3 real fast then didn't lift and I unexpectedly lifted a 170 pound man all by myself.  I probably could have done it if I was prepared.  I've been helping lift him since the beginning, even when had 90lbs of excess water weight and weighed over 300 lbs.  Never had a problem.  I'm better now.

Here's the hard part that is making me nauseas to write.  I'm between a rock and a hard place and I just don't know what to do.  The long term care insurance that would pay me to be his care giver is reviewing the case to see if he qualifies medically.  Then it will be up to the community case manager about the time he comes home if they will hire me to be his care giver or hire someone else.  That will just burn both our butts if we have to let strangers take care of him and they snub me.  But, it is what it is.

In the meantime, our funds have run out.  The internet and phone bill is do again and I need $100.00 and change by the end of the month to keep it on.  I borrowed the money last month from my mother, whom I need to pay back as soon as I start earning a paycheck, somewhere.  She on Social Security, so she can't help me anymore.  My kids are barely getting by themselves.  Plus, I found out that my daughter is expecting in early October (not happy news).

I just don't know what to do or where to turn.  Do I look for a job?  When I get a job that might delay his coming home and bump me from the caregiver job. I'm in limbo while life is dragging me forward.  So, it kills me to do this but I'm opened a Paypal account in my name and am putting up a donation button.  If you would consider helping me it would be so much appreciated.  If you would rather send me a money order you can contact me at catlady43066 at yahoo dot com or on FB or knittingbunnies on Ravelry and I'll give you my address.  Even $5.00 will help.  Ten cans of cat food is $5.00 plus tax, bird seed is $3.50 that will last a little over a week each.  The bunnies still have a ton of pellets from the bag my friend bought them last month. I did call the Humane Society for help, but the take donations, not give them.  However, they will take my pets from me when I get to the point I can't take of them anymore. *sigh*

Now, that he is able to do more for himself, I have a little extra time.  This weekend I'll try to list stash for sale on Artfire.  I've started reading blogs again on Sunday night, so if I stopped by your blog yet, I'll make it there eventually.

Have to put the second game of the double header against the Padre's on.   We one the first game.  Go Cubs. D watches Sportcenter and told me the Blackhawks won last night.  They are playing the Canucks tomorrow.  Sorry, Nikki.  GO Blackhawks!!!

Thanks for stopping by and considering my situation.


melbatoast68 said...

Sweetie, my heart goes out to you. I wish I were in a position to help, but currently things are really tight for us. If things get better anytime soon, you are at the top of the list.

Heather said...

Aw Denise, I'm going to see what I can do over here, I'm so sorry it just keeps getting worse for you..

Tami Klockau said...

I'm still putting together your care package, but in the meantime, will also donate what I can. What a terrible place to be in. You should not have to think of giving up your stash or your animals. They are your family!

autumngeisha said...

The sweater is looking terrific and so is the sock. I hope that things get resolved soon with the LTC situation. In the meantime, here's a little donation to help.

Tink said...

Hang on in there, Denise! We're all keeping our fingers crossed for you and D. I hope my small contribution helps.

nursenikkiknits said...

Your sock is looking gorgeous and I'm looking forward to seeing your sweater it's all done. I hope D make some big steps forward in the coming days and that the caregiver application works in your favor. I'm so sorry to hear how hard it has been (I hope when your Blackhawks lose tomorrow that won't it won't add insult to injury ; ) Thinking of you.

Rudee said...

I see he may have some long term care insurance, but would he also qualify for SSDI? It certainly sounds like that's possible. I hope you're working with a social worker to exhaust all possibilities. I can't imagine how hard it is to deal with just the physical aspects, and then add in the financial.

Wishing you both well and an abundance of solutions.