Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter Everybunny

We wish you all a happy Easter here from the nursing center.  Dammit and Nippit came together for a visit.

A man and his bunny.

A man and his Dammit.

He's able to hold and snuggle with his little friends now.  Both allowed two long sessions of snuggle time. He was afraid our pets wouldn't remember him.  However, both rubbed his face and groomed his beard.

While he still isn't able sit up for very long needing to rebuild his diaphragm and lung muscles. He can flatten the bed and scooch himself up.  No more lifting. The past two nights he was able to sleep on his side.  We're getting there slowly.

Friday, I was up all night.  Water pouring down from the ceiling fan and coming through the light switch.  Called the manager every few hours to get his answering machine.  I was tempted to pound on his door.  There was no sleeping to be had with the constant sound of drip, drip, into the buckets three feet from my bed.  I tried to put a towel in there, but after they were soaked it was the sound of splat, splat, drip, drip.  I was scared of either the ceiling falling down or an electric fire.  Both have happened to me in the past, so it wasn't paranoia.  Yep, I've survived a fire and ceiling falling down my head.  Thankfully, not at the same time.

Every time I heard someone walk around up there, I would go and knock, but they wouldn't answer the door. Six am the manager woke and came rushing over.  He took one look at the mess and went upstairs.  Had to pound and shout for about ten minutes.  My neighbor said they finally opened the door when he threatened to call the police for a welfare check.  Her toilet had stopped and she went to bed and left the thing running all night, water pouring.  My neighbor said, how do you not just reach in the back and turn the water off the toilet.  How do you not call someone to come fix it?  The manager said the carpet was soaked all the way out to the middle of the bedroom.

I'm trying to soak up the mess still with towels and hanging them to dry on the fence over night.  The lady who has been taking me back and forth all this time, asked tonight.  So what are they going to do about your carpet?  Nothing.  I'll soak it up with towels.  But it will go up the walls and mildew and they will have to replace the walls.  Nope.  Since the manager isn't hassling me about the rent during all this, I can't really hassle about the slum.  Sadly.  I'm just grateful to have a ceiling over my head, be that as it may.  I'm sitting here at ten o'clock on Sunday night with all sorts of pounding above me.  Happens quite often.  Sounds like they are building a house up there. (rolls eyes)

Di had told me to go up and talk to her about the noise.  I said, it would do no good.  She said, maybe she's up there blissfully unaware she's disturbing anyone.  I said, anyone who vacuums at three am isn't blissfully unaware, they just don't give a damn or are too stupid.  Di finally realized after the toilet episode and said, You're right, she just doesn't give a damn about anyone else.

I'm just hopeful for the day when both of us are working again and save up for a nice house on a quiet street. Unless, my pipe dream happens and when he gets a lottery ticket for the mega-millions, and wins the thing.  He never buys lottery tickets, but I think after all the rare bad stuff that has happened to him, karma should swing around and let a rare good thing happen.  Then we'll buy a ranch and start a stitcher's retreat.  You'll all will be invited to come down and escape the winter snow.  After that, we'll find people who have fallen on hard times and anonymously make their lives a little better.  Might as well, dream big for that dollar.

We hope you all had a happy and healthy holiday where ever you are.  I want to thank everyone who sent donations to help me through. I'm eventually going to send you all a little something made by me as a thank you.  I really can't thank you enough.


by Teresa said...

Hi Denise, it was so nice to see D holding his bunnies and to know they remembered him. I hope his recovery starts speeding up so he can come home. I like your dreams. Hubs and I plan to donate a bit more, but we're at the beach for my birthday so we'll wait until we're home again.

Hugs.. Teresa

Tink said...

How lovely that he can cuddle his bunnies again! and at Easter too :)

Rudee said...

It's nice to see things moving along.

I'm so sorry about the water damage. How frustrating.

Julie said...

Woohoo .... how wonderful to come here and see D having a bunny cuddle.

nursenikkiknits said...

How much do I love these photos!! The wonder of bunny love : )

You know I'm coming to your dream ranch (my kids would give your animals a run for their money and we could all have a good laugh).