Monday, April 25, 2011

There's Something To Be Said For Bunnies

I wasn't going to post again until WIPW, but then when I spoke to D late this morning, he had great news.  He stood up the to walker for the first time today and lasted for 1 minute, then did it again for 2 minutes.  Then they had him sit in that most uncomfortable chair on the planet for and hour and a half.  It's uncomfortable for me because the chair legs are too tall and my legs are too short so it puts my low back on a bind.  Since he's a foot taller than me, he said it was just perfect for him.

The therapist figured out that, I guess from being on the vent for so long, that when he breathed his diaphragm was inverting the wrong way.  I guess they did some exercises to fix it. It makes sense to me.

He also had me bring his guitar up last week.  He can only lift 4 or 5 lbs so he can't pick up his 9 lb guitar by himself.  He's been practicing he says.  His fingers still know how to fret he just doesn't have the finger strength to hold down the chords.  It will come in time.  He's grateful he doesn't have to relearn how to play and still has his finger dexterity.  Of course, we all know who to thank for that. Ahem.  (Looks around the air.)

I forgot to mention yesterday.  I took Dammit out into the lobby and dining hall so the other residents and staff could pet him.  They just loved him and I think they especially liked saying his name.  One elderly resident wanted to hold him and I didn't realize the nursing home mascot, an employee's little dog was there.  That was until I set Dammit on her lap and the dog saw him, barked. Dammit shot straight up in the air.  I did catch him in time.  They took the dog out of them, as everyone was more interested in the bunny on Easter. Now everyone asks me where my bunnies are when they see me.

Dammit says I owe him hours and hours of non-stop Zeppelin video watching for that one.  He was really well behaved and deserves it.  The nurses all thought it was the funniest thing that Dammit sits in front of the tv and watches his Zeppelin DVD's.  It's the only time he will watch tv.

 It was reported to me that while Betty was home alone, enjoying the peace and quiet without Dammit, she was listening to Ram Jam.  20 points to the one that gets that reference.  We'll see who and I'll reveal on Wednesday.

Thanks to my neighbor, my flowers were especially pretty this weekend. They'll burn to a crisp soon, so I need to enjoy them while I can. Only two out six petunia plants survived that hard freeze we had.

I think I'm going to officially change my name to Dot Whooten.  So when I go by everyone can say, There goes Poor Dot Whooten.   There goes Poor Denise Seffens just doesn't have the same ring to it.  What do I mean by that?  Well, as my mother always says, Denise, you just can't win for losing, can you?

I didn't have time with yesterday's schedule to cook the ham I bought.  So I baked it this morning and made macaroni & cheese to take up with me.  Just as I was about to start the sweet potatoes before A came to pick me up, D called and said A called up there and left a message that she was having car trouble and her phone was locked in the car, so she couldn't call me.

I said, I guess I can take the busses up.  He said, Well, you can if you want to.  So I had to find a container suitable for bus travel.  Scrapped the sweet potato idea.  Looked up the schedule and took off for the bus.  Between the two bus stops and the last stop to the home is over a mile walk, in the hot dessert sun, almost 90 degrees, carrying a 20 lb bag of laptop, food, knitting and other stuff.

There is a CNA that works evenings, she reminds of another CNA I worked with back home.  She makes sure I get a dinner when she's on, if it's something good.  I told her how far I walked.  She said, that's good, good exercise.  I mentioned the temperature and hot sun.  She said, still good exercise.  Then I mentioned carrying the bag.  She said, Well, that's just not cool, carrying all that weight too.

The longest part of the walk is from the bus to the home, so I was beet red in the face as I came puffing up the driveway.  Two residents and one family member were outside and asked me what had happened as they know I usually have a ride.  I told them.  The family member said I should have called and they would have come got me.  I said, I didn't think anyone would have done that.  One of the residents is a 70 year old man whose been there for three months after his heart surgery.  He gives me fresh coffee he makes in his room.  We found out last week that he has rented a studio in the building next door and is supposed to go there in May.  D invited him over for barbeque when he gets out.

W (that's the 70 yr old) went around and found someone to take me home.  But I got a hold of my next door neighbor and she agreed to pick me up.  I will probably need a ride from somewhere Thursday and Friday this week as A is going to San Diego again to visit her father. I have a feeling W will be on the case to make sure I do. W asked me what did I do to piss Murphy off.  I said, Oh Murphy, when I get my hands on that guy, he's been deviling me all my life.  W said, Killings to good for him when you do get him.  Take him out to the desert and torture him like the Indians would.  He's an old rancher from out at Three Points, where ever that is. He's just staying in town near the hospital while he recuperates.  Seems like a good friend to have.

Our routine this past week, except for the weekend, is D gets in his geri-chair after supper and we sit out on the front patio and watch the birds for about an hour.  On the way in, I noticed the little prickly pear cactus is starting to bloom.

I've not tried prickly pear yet.  Even though they grow all over the place, as soon as they start to ripen they come up missing.  D said, the ones at the grocery store didn't look good last year.  I might have to wait to get a house and a yard, just grow my own.  Set a big mean dog to guard it for me.

Lots of cactus blooming right now.  I'll try to get pictures and post them.  Since they aren't the usual thing those of you up north would see.  A is teaching me a lot about the dessert as she is a native and grew up here.

I really am taking the time to enjoy all the good things that are happening.  It's just with so many other pressures those blips, like leaks and unexpected bus rides really throw a wrench in things.  Like the straw and the camel's back.

D is planning on doing a guest blog post after he gets home.  He wants to come home first.  Catch up on reading my blog and be around his own things. Plus, fix his own blog which he was trying to do just before he got sick.

This song was our family song when my kids were little.  We used to turn it up on the car radio and sing along.  We turned it really loud because a dying cow sounds better than my singing.  It always makes me feel good even when things are going wrong.  I've played it so much the last couple days, it's become an ear worm. It's got the lyrics, so everyone sing along. Enjoy.


CraftyCripple said...

It does sound like W will be a good man to know.

It sounds like D is going strength to strength. I'm so pleased you are able to take him stuff from home (including bunnies!). It must really help.

Thanks for the photos of the desert, it's so different from urban England, I love seeing the plants etc. I've only been in the desert once when I was 11 and it has stuck with me. Beautiful, hot and empty!

Julie said...

W sounds like a good person to have as a friend

There is nothing like home cooked food when you are in hospital, i hope D is soon enjoying your cooking at home.

melbatoast68 said...

Hey Sweetie! I'm playing catch up as I was away from the computer for the weekend. I'm so glad to hear that D is getting his strength back and able to sit in the chair. I'm sure the bunnies helped. Murphy seems to be visiting our house, so hopefully he'll leave you two alone for a little bit. I'll try to give him a good swift kick in the rear end for you.

by Teresa said...

Sounds like D is doing great, woohoo! It's going to be a great day when he gets to come home. It's nice you're making new friends during this time.. hopefully they'll be friends in the future.

Hugs, Teresa

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Just checking in after a bit away - glad to hear D is on the road to recovery!