Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I missed last week, this week I'm still exhausted just not in a foul mood.  I think I can pull this posting thing off this week.

Excuse my messy floor.  The damn maid hasn't shown up in a couple months.  I may have to beat her if I ever catch her.

I turned the heel and am coming up the leg.  I'm using the Lacy Knee Socks for the pattern.  It's just a basic pattern of the lace.  If you haven't made toe up socks before, such as me, you need to go searching for instructions on how to start the toe and make the heel.  I found Wendy's basic pattern to be the most helpful.

This Lacy Knee Socks isn't a very good pattern for a beginner, if you haven't made socks before, or if you are new to toe up socks.  Unless of course, you're a crazy person like me, then I say go for it.

No progress made on the sweater.  While I tote the thing back and forth everyday, it's bulkiness just isn't feasible with all the jumping up and down I do in the course of a day.  I'm really grateful to Nikki for sending that nice package.  The sock is small enough that it isn't problem to work on, as well interesting enough.

We are making progress, and I'm not having to jump to assistance as nearly as often as last week.  I've succumbed to the idea that exhaustion is going to be a way of life for me for awhile yet.  I'm just dealing with it. After 8 or 9 hours sleep, I yell "seriously" at the cats or the alarm clock, which ever is brazen enough to wake me up.  It's usually the cats.  The alarm clock remembers what happened last time.

I can't believe in a couple days it will be two months since I called the ambulance and this whole nightmare began.  What is it like 8 or 9 weeks now?  I lost count awhile back, somewhere around 6.

His pneumo thorax is slowly dissipating.  It was so bad, I could feel the rice crispies (air from the lung) all the way down his arm and into his hand.  They removed the trach today.  A bit of scary progress.

Yesterday, he tolerated being in the recliner for 2 and half hours.  We even went outside and sat on the front patio for the first time.  Today, we did it for 3 and half hours.  After I threw a hissy fit at the OT person, I got the foam things to put on the silverware, yesterday.  The OT person said he wasn't ready for them.  By tonight, I had him feeding himself dinner, with a tiny bit of assistance.

The OT person is a bit lazy, I think.  D says he's tired, and the OT person just goes away and complains D doesn't want to work.  He says that to the PT guys and they say, ok, well let's just work out some of the kinks.  He agrees and by the time they are finished he's done his full work out.  Then tells me they tricked him into doing his work out after all.  I say, yeah, they're good like that.

The nurse that said it would be harder when he comes home is both right and wrong.  Right in the fact that when I get tired, I can't just come home and someone else take over.  Not that anyone really does, they're so short staffed.  Wrong in the fact that most of what tires me out is getting ready to go, dragging my stuff and stuff he wants up there.  Then sitting in what must be the most uncomfortable chair on the planet.  I'm serious, a rock would be more comfortable than that damn chair.  Then sitting and thinking about all the things I need to do at home.

They finally have the temperature control fixed.  The vent above the door blew ice cold air at what must have hurricane force (a magazine blew off the shelf) at the wall, which came back and hit me right in the back.  Then the room would heat up to an oven, then frosty artic. It's no wonder he got a second case of pneumonia.  I'm pretty sure I caught a cold myself last week.

Can't remember if I mentioned it,  Mr. Dammit bunny did very well on his visit Monday.   D who used to not be anxious about much, is now anxious about every thing,  Was afraid Dammit, was going to have a heart attack.  Dammit was just lying on the bed with his paws on D's stomach, chilling out and being very well behaved.  Dammit did say he was disappointed at the lack of Zeppelin there.

My birthday is the last day of the month.  He had given up his goal to be home by then last week, he's taken it back up again.  I'm just hoping he can stand to a walker and take a step or two by then.

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Linda said...

Denise, I just found your blog; reading it for over an hour and had to scan many pages of previous blogs to find out what happened to your husband. I can't believe it. Just want to tell you, you both are in my prayers. God keep giving you strength and continuous improvement for D. I wish I could be there to help you physically. I love the bunnies! My son has one. And I lived in Buffalo, NY all my life; moved to Minnesota 20 yrs. ago. God bless.

nursenikkiknits said...

So glad to hear about progress being made with D. It's good that the PT's have his number. I mean come on, who really WANTS to work when they are tired and unwell? I hope that D can give you the present of coming home soon.
The sock looks gorgeous... and complicated!

melbatoast68 said...

Hey Sweetie! Sounds like things are progressing. I hope D is able to give you the gift of being well enough to come home. Sometimes that is the best thing for someone who is ill. The socks are looking gorgeous. They are the next thing I am going to try. I have a friend who is going to teach me. We'll see how that goes. Take care!! Lots of love coming your way!

Affiknitty said...

I hope he does get to come home soon. Meanwhile I think it's great that Dammit got to visit. D. is lucky to have you. I'm impressed that you can concentrate on those beautiful socks with everything else going on!

Tami Klockau said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed that he's going to be home for your birthday!

The socks look so pretty!

Rudee said...

I'm impressed to read of all of the progress D is continuing to make. Given the ride he's been on, and the complications he has encountered, it's no surprise it's taking a bit of time. Perhaps you need to have a chat with the OT about her lack of creativity when it comes to motivation. I think if she took a little Led music on CD, and made D work the controls to FF, RW, Stop and Start, that would go a long way in exercising fingers that have long been laying around and forgotten their roles on helping the hands.

Now, to those socks...they're beautiful. I've not done toe up socks before and have been thinking there are such cute patterns I can't use because I lack the skill. You give me hope.

I hope you're getting a bit of time at your wheel.

by Teresa said...

Gosh, D and you just can't get a break. So sorry about the pneumonia.. that is a scary condition.

Your socks are coming along.. I did one pair and it was so complicated I nearly didn't finish.. and I can't wear them as I have sensitive feet which feel every single stitch.

Hugs from Oregon -- T

suddenexpression said...

Very pretty!

Julie said...

Beautiful socks, they look comfy.

I hope DH comes up with the present you want for your birthday xxx