Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I'm very late this week, but if you read yesterday's post, then you'll understand why.  I'm very busy playing personal assistant.  Sorry, for the crappy late night pictures.

Not much progress has been made on the tank top this week.  Most of my knitting was accomplished in the nursing home dining room, while watching the news.  It entertained the other diners how I could stare at the tv and yet still keep knitting.  It's just plain stockinette stitch at this point, not very hard to do.

I finished the first spindle of the merino/silk.  I'm about a quarter of the way through on the second.  Depending on my schedule, I should have this finished in the next week or two.  Then I'll find out how K wants her alpaca spun up.  Afterwards, I'll put it all in the mail to Phoenix, unless of course she and her husband would like to come down for some amazing barbeque or chili.

Bootsie was afraid of D until he went to bed for a rest.  I put up on the bed and once she had a sniff of his Old Spice deodorant, she realized who he was and made herself at home in his armpit.  Strange little cat. Tennessee and Butterscotch are afraid of the wheel chair and the O2 machine.  They are coming around slowly.

Dammit sits up on his back legs when D is in the bedroom and has conversation. Dammit moves his mouth around and looks like he's having quite the silent conversation.  He's the only bunny I've had that I've saw do this. I had a hard enough time trying to read D's lips in the ICU, I'm not even going to try rabbit lips.  I took him out of the cage and they had a huggle fest on the bed.

The past six weeks, D's been watching the Food channel, making plans for when he gets home.  Monday night, I went grocery shopping and found a side of spare ribs on sale.  Today, he rolled up to the dining room table and fixed dinner.  He just told me what he needed and I got all the supplies for him.  He made his favorite ribs, German potato salad and corn on the cob.  I operated the stove and oven.  He said he had a great time fixing dinner together.

Now that I can finally relax, my anxiety from these past months has come rearing it's ugly head full force.  I'm good during a crisis, but afterward I have a bit of freakout. I keep worrying that the Murphy's Law police are going come busting through the door to arrest for not having my daily quota of bullshit to deal with.  We demand that you come with us noisily, maam.

It feels a bid odd for both of us, getting used to a new routine.  I don't think it will last for very long.  Tomorrow I have laundry and a long list of phone calls to make.  The case manager gave me a list of agencies they work with to get my certification.  She said, one will pay for my first aid and CPR card, another will pay for it but take the cost out of my first check.  One agency only works with family, so I won't get that many extra hours, with them.  Once he's not needing my assistance as much, I can pick up hours with other cases.  She took down what assistance he needed and will work out how many hours they will be willing to pay me.  So, I don't know how many or how much, just yet.  Wouldn't it be wonderful, if I can find out an agency or someplace that will help me with the expense of getting my nursing license transferred down here?

All those services that the nurse case manager said that would take her some time to set up? Never happened.  The SW handed D a sheet for Nursefinders and told him to call and set it up himself on his way out.   Their Dr. never wrote an order for those services.  Which made the In Home Caseworker raise an eyebrow to.  We'll have to get the orders from his new Dr. on Friday.

The internet/phone company called and left a message on our answering machine while he was in his office.  He heard the message and is now worrying about the bill.  I told him, he's not to worry.  His job to get better and stronger. For those of you that might be interested, I'll be listing stuff on Artfire this weekend, since I don't know how soon I will get a paycheck coming in.  Now that I'm home, I'll have to time keep up with listing and mailing stuff. With a lot of help from some wonderful friends, I've made it this far, I'm not about to give up now.  It's probably going to be a little while before we here from Social Security for him.

Thanks for stopping by. Thank you for all your wonderful comments on yesterday's post. A special thank you to all of you who have been so supportive through this whole nightmare.  D will be making his guest post in the next couple days.  I think he's still digesting all that read yesterday.  He said it was like reading his biography and he wasn't dead yet.

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Rudee said...

This nursing home's staff sound like some real losers. I'm sorry they've made you jump through all of those hoops. Once I applied for SSDI for my daughter, it didn't take long to get the checks. They paid retroactively to the date of application. That was nice.

If you haven't checked into a Bridge Card through DHS, perhaps you should. While it doesn't provide a lot of help, it does provide some.

Even though you have so much going on, it's nice to read you still have a sense of humor. Here's hoping the Murphy's Law Police have better things to do and don't dare darken your doorstep.

nursenikkiknits said...

Love the stitch pattern on your tank.

It's great to hear that D is settling back in at home. It's about time you had somebody cook for you!

The hoops to jump through just seem to keep coming. I'm impressed with your ongoing resilience, determination and, of course, black comedy.

melbatoast68 said...

I think that being home is the best medicine for both of you. You'll adjust and all will be well. Try not to let the bureaucrats get to you.

Tami Klockau said...

I AM SO EXCITED HE'S HOME! I still have your care package for you guys that I promise to throw in the mail soon. I'm so bad with that because I wanted to get a few more things for it. He will start to feel SO MUCH better now that he's home and around constant love from you and the animals.

The tank top looks great, as does the spun yarn!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Love the yellow - that's gotta cheer you up some!

Carol said...

HOORAY HE'S HOME! I'll be the gets better a whole lot quicker now what with the home cooking and all ;) Boo to the nursing home. what a buncha disorganized dipshits. I am working at a pharmacy that supports a group of nursing homes and I have to chase them down regularly to get orders straightened out and suchlike. It boggles my mind. You'll post a link to your
Artfire account once you are up and running right? RIGHT?

Oh, and you'll have to get Himself to hold the mojo catching funnel now, remember to warn him that it's the high test stuff!

Kate said...

I'm so glad he's home and settled in. How cute the furbabies needed a whiff of the familiar smell and then all was well.

The spun up fiber looks beautiful :) Hmm, may have to do a Tucson run sometime :)

Big hugs!

by Teresa said...

I have to say that you seem so much more serene and happy now that he's home! I hope all the red tape comes to an end asap. Tell D, Welcome Home!!

Hugs, Teresa :-)

Delusional Knitter said...

Glad to hear things are looking up for you and he is home. I'm a bit behind on blog reading, so I've missed some, but not all. Keep it up, you're doing great and things will work out!!

Julie said...

Knitting and watching TV at the same time is not so hard, stitching and watching/glancing is ok too unless your DH wants to watch something with subtitles then no way can that be done!