Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WIP Wednesday

These weeks seem to get longer and longer.  Right now, I feel like Bootsie chasing her tail on the old cat tree we had.  First up, the fiber stuff.

This is last week's picture of the sock, because that's how I've gotten, no where.  Can't get the printer to work, so I'm working off my laptop and I've just been too tired to drag it up to the nursing home.

The tank top, I'm just making it up as I go along, because that's how I like to roll.  Amazingly, my flowers haven't burnt to a crisp yet.  We've been having some strange weather down here.  Saturday, it was 94F with a dew point temperature of -10F.  I didn't know the dew point could even go in the negative.  Needless to say with a 115 degree difference it was dry as....., well, I don't know what.  The fires have started in the mountains.  Yesterday, it had cooled off to the upper 70's and the same today.  I'm going to enjoy it.  The weekend is supposed to go back into the high 90's and we'll probably not see 70 or 80 again, until late October.  Once it hits 100, that's it.

The tank top is a fingering weight cotton/rayon that I dyed awhile back.  I'm hoping to have enough yarn here.  There is another skein in my stuff that is in my daughter's storage back in NY.  At least, I hope it's still in her storage.  I haven't heard from her in awhile and I'm getting concerned as she didn't call or leave me a message on FB for my birthday or Mother's Day.

I knitted three repeats of the strawberry pattern and the rest of the way up is going to stockinette stitch with waist and breast shaping.

I'm almost finished with the second ounce of my friend's merino silk.  I clean a little then reward myself with some spinning.  Or more often I reward myself, then clean.

It's pretty fine, as in thin, spinning.  Not so much because she said she liked the fineness of lace weight, but more because I'm just that damn tense.  I can only picture reading and thinking, "oh no, Denise back away from my fiber.  I wanted lace weight not cobweb."

That's all for the fiber.  It's been quite a week.  I don't know where to start.  Quite surprised I'm not bald, from it all.  You know how I've been comparing this journey to a marathon that I haven't been told how long it actually is.  It feels like a 500k race, maybe longer.  The runners are at the final mile, deliriously staggering on, that's me.  Except this last mile is all uphill and I'm pushing a wagon with a broken wheel and a dead mule attached to it.

Since my last post, what I've been dealing with make the Keystone Cops and the Three Stooges look intelligent, professional and well organized.  Last Wednesday, I arrived a half an hour before the meeting was to take place, so I could help him shave and look like a normal civilian and not a nursing home resident.  The three stooges met me in the hall and said they had to do the pseudo meeting right then, in his room.  I say, pseudo, because it's really like making a dream list of what would you do with a million dollars.  In other words, they're taking their time about acting on it.

The insurance hadn't been approved yet as the intake lady was still waiting for the paper from his job.  Thankfully, Thursday, before she left for her three day weekend, she took verbal confirmation from them over the phone, as they said it would still be several days before they would get to the actual paperwork.  She approved him right away.

Friday afternoon, their contractor left me a message on the answering machine as to who the case worker was and his direct line.  Meanwhile, I'm cleaning like a mad woman.  The nurse case manager said it he could come home tentatively this Friday.  Haha. (sarcasm)

Monday, I call the provider case manager and get his voice mail all morning.  That afternoon I go up to talk to the nurse case manager and ask her if she started ordering the stuff as the insurance was approved and in the computer.  She said, no, because she didn't know who the provider case worker was.  I said, it's this guy, now get on it.

At a few minutes before four, the provider case worker calls me on my cell and says he doesn't have the case file yet.  So, he's pretty evasive at answering my questions and says he'll contact the nursing home in the morning. That he should probably just transfer the case to an at home case manager and not mess around with it himself, to make things go faster.

I'm a doer. I have a problem with delegating and this is why.  When I delegate something to someone else, I expect it to be done in a timely manner.  I hate having to constantly go back and make sure the person did what I asked them to.  I might as well just do it myself.  In this case, what is left to be done I wish I could do it myself.

Tuesday, yesterday, I go to the nursing home and head right for the nurse case manager's office.  No, she hadn't been in contact with the other guy.  No, she hadn't ordered anything because she hadn't talked to the guy yet.  Well, if he's transferring the case, that's just going to make this take several days longer.  Excuses, excuses.  So she calls and leaves a message with me standing there and sets me back to bugging him.

He calls me back right away in D's room and says he's been playing phone tag with the nursing home.  He's a little more familiar with things now, and asks if I would mind taking care of D at home for free until they get me certified.  No, I don't mind at all.  The nursing home said, I couldn't do that, but I'm going with what the provider says.  He's says it's possible to get D home this weekend and they'll just have the at home case worker come out next Monday or Tuesday.

I go back down to the office at the nursing home and tell the nurse case manager, who says ok, I'll call him right away.  D and I wait an hour and head back down to her office.  This is where they are dodging me.  Every time I see her or the social worker there, they are busy with something else and will come to the room when they are finished.  Which they don't.  Then when they see me in the hallway they turn and go in the other direction.

Today, they are in those pseudo conferences all day.  That will be the next excuse.  I wouldn't mind so much as I know things take time, if they didn't look so disorganized and just hem hawing around coming up with yet another excuse and another delay.  Then they are going so far as to borrow trouble, worrying about my electric bill, phone bill coming due again at the end of the month with me no money coming in.  Their delaying things is just making that worse and let me worry about the damn bills, thank you very much. (that's to them.) The electric bill is only 45.00 dollars and 30 days behind and the phone and internet went up another 10.00 from last month.  If he comes home, things will move faster for  me to be certified and paid, plus I would finally have the time to list stash for sale.

 I just wish I had the money to go out and buy the oxygen equipment, wheel chair, walker and other things myself.  So I could tell them to....... well, I'm sure you can figure that one out.

He has to come home at some point.  They can't hold him hostage to their oxygen and equipment forever...... I hope.

That is another week in my life.  There is more to it that has happened but I can only type so much.  I'm headed out to push my broken wagon with the dead mule up that hill.  Thanks for stopping by.  Hopefully, I'll post Friday with the BFL/silk skeined out and yet another saga.  Maybe, I'll be near the top of the hill.  Cross paws.


Tink said...

How on earth do you cope with the heat? I start shutting down before it hits 80 here.

It seems so stupid that after all the struggles you've already been through to get him fixed, you're still having to really fight to get what D needs done. I really feel for you. But just think how loudly everyone will be cheering when you finally post to say "D is home!"

Stitched Together said...

It is ridiculous that you are having to fight so hard. Do you think the nursing home have no one to take his bed. If he was in an NHS hospital in the UK they would have got rid of him weeks ago because they needed the bed for someone else. None of this holding people hostage malarky!

I'm sure that you will soon have him home and you can both be in the place again.

melbatoast68 said...

Oh Honey! I'm so sorry they are being such a pain in the butt! When you came by for a "visit" I was full of hope. Now I just want to beat someone! I hope things improve quickly and you are both safely at home.

Tami Klockau said...

The tank top looks amazing. So awesome.

I can't believe how much you deal with! You are amazing. I'm with Tink, I can't wait to click over to your blog and see the HE'S HOME message. I'll be jumping for joy! I know how you feel with not being able to delegate. I'm the exact same way.

mutantsupermodel said...

No wonder you're worried about daughter. Hope she turns up soon.

GOOD LUCK with your situation and the nursing home. How freaking exasperating. Do they get more money keeping him there? How insane.